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Posted on March 18 at 4:20 p.m.

Google "predecessor guilt"- doesn't show any results for any "memo".
What is the statute of limitations on genocide, or murder?
When do the treaties that weren't kept lapse? How many promises broken to you have you forgiven?
A responsible teacher would have had the sense to tell the 'art' students to consult with local natives about what would have been appropriate.
BTW- the Chumash didn't live in teepees. When the Europeans got here they had houses arranged in rows with beds off the ground. They practiced organized agricultural methods.
Nobody here suggests going back to what was before( suggestions they do demonstrate a lame attempt to ignore the issues that are relevant) but it would show some connection to your heritage to acknowledge that you live in a land where someone else had been over 10,000 years and it was taken by force, violence and criminal behavior, even if your ancestors weren't part of it. If you appreciate what we have in Santa Barbara, you might want to consider how authentic is your connection to the land if you think nothing earlier than two generations is relevant.
The people in power- predominantly white European descendants- created this weird sovereign nation inside a nation status and also awarded some of those nations semi exclusive franchises on exploiting human nature through gambling. Those who take issue with either need to have an alternative solution to the problems those attempted to address before trotting out these tropes.

On Tempest in a Teepee at SBCC

Posted on February 25 at 11:38 a.m.

The MWD is upside down precisely because people have been so good at reducing use. Use equals revenue, and prices have been too low, so basic operational maintenance has been put off, etc. and now they can't cover operations. You can complain about mismanagement, but the alternative was to have been paying higher prices long ago.
The leakage from the aging system isn't something as easy to change as your ground cover or your bill.
And you are being penalized for having already reduced your use before the current drought, as the baseline is your use before, not your acreage etc.
What everyone can do is greywater their laundry and all non toilet water. Unless you are on a slab, even paying the cost of pumping such water up to the high side of a property is cheaper than the fines. I kept an acre of multiple species trees and 3000 sq ft of lawn healthy from a family of six laundry and bath drains. MWD's audit of my use was that I was doing everything they ask and more. Yet that leaves no capability to meet the reduction request.
Wolf is at least covering all the bases in his effort. Offering to cover the legal fees for the MWD is opening a big checkbook when a jurisdiction is the other side.
At the end of the day, water is a common resource, and treating it any other way is dangerous to the stability of any society. Check out the places where even rain has been classified as property. Fundamental disruptions follow. How the courts rule on this, much less the more elaborate schemes and rules to come as our geography proves inescapable is to be seen, but the end game of "it's my property and I can do as I please" is not a community that many people can, much less want to live in.

On Lamentations of a Dog Denied

Posted on January 13 at 12:52 p.m.

Quite a deep thread here yet no one questions this statement-
"Although the freeway widening will ease rush-hour congestion for workers commuting to Santa Barbara from Ventura,"
Nothing in my years in California, where I have seen multiple freeway projects in four different counties, has ever created a free flowing rush hour. Ease? If we shorten the slow period by ten minutes, is that worth no local improvements for over a decade? And will that even happen?
Yes, the argument is about who gets the money. And for what. Do the unions have anybody on the SBCAG board? Which construction union gets the widening job in this county? Where are they based?
How about which companies are qualified to bid on said project? Any from this county even?
And if Schneider is such a careerist without values, exactly what office does she run for with that Montecito money when the rest of organized political structure has shunned her?
And why does there need to be any protection of the 'future of the automobile" here or anywhere else? You won't be driving anyhow if Google succeeds.

On Bark Like a Dog, Walk Like a Man

Posted on January 13 at 12:34 p.m.

So this is way off topic, but if doing anything with the Saudis is support for radical terrorism, what does that make the Bush family, who have done business with them for decades?

On Allan Hancock Athletes Arrested for Murder

Posted on January 7 at 11:52 a.m.

JJ- you might want to take Journo 101 to go with your Capitalist Basics course.
And while you are in the university under the stars, check out "the benefits of humor" course.
Clearly you are self insured, so the rest of us don't have to be concerned about having to carry your vegitating corpse when you bust an artery stressing over how the rest of us can't see things clearly.

On Protest Planned over <em>News-Press</em> Headline

Posted on January 7 at 11:32 a.m.

I thought the style book at the NP had been edited to read "She with the gold rules"

On Protest Planned over <em>News-Press</em> Headline

Posted on October 28 at 6:05 p.m.

If it was just a ban on fracking, or even steam injection, things would be simpler. But it isn't. And there's the reason for the Independent's stand.
One could argue that the promised lawsuits will take longer than the two years Measure P would be in effect, and thus serve both sides- no fracking will happen, and business as usual will go on. But neither side wants to let on that this rather obvious progression might happen.
Now one would hope that the water defenders will take the lesson from this and rewrite a narrow, simpler initiative, vet it with county counsel, and get their army back on the street for the next election , which will see the same flood of industry money, and attempts to scare people.
Examine the other city initiatives with fracking bans in this election, and you see disproportionate money everywhere, even in Denton Texas where property owners get money for oil extracted from beneath their lots.
As to the climate debate, none of the sources cited in this thread have a better explanation of the observed data. So all of you who think that climate is what Measure P is about need to 1) get your own thread 2) up your game with some thing that addresses the facts about the changing climate and what else might explain it. BTW it is the grail of science to prove everybody else wrong; since 99.9% of scientists agree on the AGW theory of why the data is what it is, they all wish they had an alternative, because that is how to be this century's DaVinci or Einstein.
Now for those who think this is about water quality, all the oil companies really need to do is indemnify the county by guaranteeing good water for all uses, including ag, forever. They can do that right?
For those who think this is about jobs, you need to look at the math on how few jobs oil actually delivers. The money in oil is in ownership, and taxes. Employment is low, and the good paying jobs are engineering and management. And the suggestion that we won't have funding for firemen etc? The oil companies promise to sue guarantees they won't stop pumping anywhere near 'immediately".
And another thing. Property taxes are based on transaction pricing, not perceived value or even revenue produced. Get your head out of football 49er. The taxes paid on oil pumped from the ground might be lost, if they actually stopped pumping, which they won't.
At least nobody here has floated that canard about the world market. Although that anxiety about a 'big' Chinese company investing in North County is racist, xenophobic and without evidence, let's point out that the entire production of this county, off shore and on, doesn't make a single tick on the meter of oil produced unless you want to add several zeros on the conventional metrics to the right of the decimal point.
P is going to lose, as much for poor execution by it's originators as for the advertising dollars pumped into local media by the industry. Thanks to the Water Guardians for that!

On No Shame in Changing Your Mind, <em>Indy</em>

Posted on September 22 at 1:40 p.m.

I thought they paced Still's voice pretty well. It was more disconcerting to watch him move. His hunched shoulders and rolling gait belying the color in his hair. He still shreds and thank goodness as otherwise there wouldn't have been much to tap ones toes about.
Nash, barefoot, and nimble on foot and in voice, continues to be the glue that makes the harmonies great.
Crosby, slim but still round, shows fire, and manages to be both familiar yet different than the same way you heard it all those years.
Thank goodness he didn't bring up his local position on the Chumash.

On Review: Crosby, Stills & Nash at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Posted on August 29 at 5:14 p.m.

Wow/. The Poodle gets the conspiracy post of the summer. Anti Nuke activists are shills for the Fossil Fuel industry! Would love to be the fly on the wall when Son98 runs that by the next EDC meeting.
Meanwhile how many of you have your earthquake kits in place? If we can get enough of SLO county to be prepared, we'll be safe, cause everyone knows that if you are prepared for the disaster, it won't happen. That's why nobody with a gun ever gets robbed. Right?
If we put a fraction of the money into subsidizing distributed solar (low and no interest loans for homeowners to convert to solar) that we do in to arguing about which poison is best, we would be on our way out of this mess.
Stay warm and well fed.

On Reflections in a Dog's Eye

Posted on August 20 at 5:07 p.m.

From reading this thread, I would say that 90% of statistics are made up.

Even if your observations reflect what is stated, those are opinions. Unless you set up and observe in a structured disciplined manner, you don't have any numbers to talk about.

So along with rank speculation, could you all stop using numbers to make your opinion sound more valid than the next?

Frankly I expect cyclists to run a stop sign. It's their risk, and their momentum. Am a bit tired of hearing people sitting on their butts using tons of metal and machine to get around bitching about people who are hauling their own weight. It's almost as bad as the 'haves' bitching about the 'havenots'.

This is a tragic mess for all. Yes there needs to be more consequences for being a driver who harms a cyclist. It's really easy to avoid them, even when they aren't following the law. And unlike them those in cars can use the power of their machines to do so.
But no set of penalties addresses those who aren't present to what they are doing, such as those who talk on the phone or text. Rarely do the laws achieve compliance when there is random or nearly absent enforcement.

On Investigation into Bicyclist's Death Continues

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