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Posted on February 14 at 7:08 p.m.

Hey Barney:
Yes, my dad and his cronies smoked incessantly back in the 50's, 60', and 70's in Santa Barbara. Camel and Old Gold - unfiltered - was dad's choice of cancer stick. Smoked rarely in the house. Mom too. Grandparent's and their parents. Room-O-Smoke-A-Rama.
Dad helped open and worked with the first bowling alley and then to San Marcos Lanes. You could barely see across the lanes with the smoke in the air. But, between the drinks, games, laughter and competition they sure didn't think about smoking as a killer.

The Mecca on Milpas is open because dad and Kenny Brooks got it opened. Kenny didn't want to. Scared. He always told the story that dad encouraged and helped him to open The Mecca. Use to be, and may still be, a place where everybody knows your name. That's how Kenny ran it when he was alive. Kenny Brooks, Mel Shirley, Art Keithly and Ken Watanabe were the high stakes bowling crew w/my dad, winning many a tournament local and afar. Dad, Joe H. Parker, and his guys rolled in the 240's average and dad's average was 257. Mom, when working at Sansum Clinic (as it was known in those days) won with her team and was highest score bowler. Their sponsor was Jordano's. I still have the articles and pictures. Pretty cool stuff from that generation.

I like bowling. Actually, love it. Play or watch. Thanks for the GREAT article and memories, Barney. Always, what would we do without you?
Joan (JP) Wilson-Kirkpatrick

On Hooked on Nicotine

Posted on November 16 at 3:12 p.m.


On Honoring Nurse Practitioners

Posted on November 16 at 1:27 p.m.

Oh Foofighter. You're so off the track, and continue trying to change to YOUR agenda. Over population is it's own issue that has far reaching effects. But, that's YOUR issue.

No more comments wanted from you until you address THE BOAT ISSUE.

Behemoth ships dumping into the oceans, etc. is THE issue at hand for me. All garbage dumping in the oceans is a once and forever no. Get on the bus with research and facts.

Please address your own issues separately. Stay on track with relative comments to another's posting. Thank you.

On The Cruise Ship Question

Posted on November 16 at 11:08 a.m.

Oh, Foofighter. The toxic waste that cruise ships dump is not even comparable to fish poop. Mother Earth used to be resilient. But, uh, wake up. This is 2013. Do your research and THEN give me a sane and reasonable reason. Senseless comments don't hold water. Pun intended.

On The Cruise Ship Question

Posted on November 15 at 7:03 p.m.

Okay! I've been silent for a long time. THIS is not an issue I can be silent about.
What's the difference if cruise ships dump outside the 10 mile zone? PLEASE someone tell me why it is okay to dump at all?!!!

Yes, thousands of travelers will have to travel another way.

OR, what a concept. Smaller ships with no dumping necessary or allowed. It is NOT OKAY to dump debris, garbage, non bio-degradable s that are toxic, and disease causing organisms into our oceans, lakes, rivers, streams or any other body of water. Period.

Does anyone have a sane answer besides the billions of dollars the industry makes, the communities who profit by their anchoring nearby - and the jobs they create - it ALL boils down to money with total disregard for the environment, especially our ocean waters that cover most of the planet we inhabit.

Think about it. I mean really think about it. Do some research. I guarantee that when you do your research going directly to the costs we pay long term for the cavalier ways we consume today you will think twice before you book that cruise on a behemoth of a ship.

On The Cruise Ship Question

Posted on July 11 at 8:49 p.m.

Wake up people! Watch the multi award winning documentary Bag It and you'll never use another plastic anything! There are multiple alternatives to plastics. All you lazy people have to do is care, take the time and do it!

On County Approves Plastic Bag Ban

Posted on March 9 at 1:14 p.m.

Having grown up in SB, and watching the unbridled growth, it is no surprise we are running out of water. I'm proud of the residents who plant drought resistant plants and use drip irrigation. Those green lawns that are so popular suck up much needed water - Remember - MOTHER EARTH ALWAYS HAS THE LAST WORD!

On Rain Needed — Any Storms Need Apply

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