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Posted on May 31 at 7:19 a.m.

This is a warning about someone that thinks they can talk to the animals.
We adopted a dog from a family that needed to find a new home for their puppy. We agreed that we would take him on a trial basis to see if he would like living in our home. Everything was going fine until the so called “pet whisperer” called and wanted to come see the puppy to make sure everything was ok. We agreed that she could come and we would meet after work. Well she decided, on her own, to come during the afternoon before we got home. She went into our fenced in patio and so called talked to the dog and said he didn’t want to live there, so she just STOLE the dog right from our yard. I was devastated , we only had him about 5 days, but we loved him and we could tell he loved his new home as well. I called her as soon as I heard her message and asked “how she could come on our property, when we are not home, and just steal what wasn’t hers“. She finally called back and said she talked the dog into going back to live with us, that we had a nice home for him. After that she still would not leave us alone until the family we got the dog from told her to back off. We told her not to ever come back and we put a lock on our gate. I would definitely we careful of anybody that claims they can talk to the animals.

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Posted on October 4 at 8:13 a.m.

Dear Ray Ford, I was hoping for some info on conditions
for the trail or fire road leading from Santa Barbara to Ojai back country We are planning on riding our mt. bikes up Romero trail and down the other side and out. Right now I can't think of any of the trail names.
Can you help?
Thank you so much,
Wendy Manning

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