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Posted on October 5 at 9:24 a.m.

This kind of reminds me of the KRS-1 song... "Nevva had a gun". As for you DB's that come out here pointing to "uber libs" and reaction times and this or that....get an f-n life!! Start being positive, cuz positive IS where you live!

On A Gatorade Gun

Posted on July 31 at 7:16 a.m.

Ummmm...first off, CitizenWatchDog, REALLY?? get a this your thing? You read articles and post on blogs?? Soooooo civic minded, what a solid sammaritan you are! You KNOW what the lady meant...The biggity, biggity Oak's population compared to that of SB is what she is referring to. Also, Milpas has plenty of OTHER issues to worry about, and in actuality it wouldn't be the worst thing for some of the troublemakers on Milpas to burn down and chill the hell out.

On Pot Potpourri

Posted on January 17 at 8:47 p.m.

shouldn't 8 year olds be into might morphin power rangers or something??

On Chicago Ho!

Posted on January 17 at 11:39 a.m.

Not only is the train you guys are travelling on headed for glory, you can't help but get the sense that this country is once again poised to regain it's glory as well! The pictures are amazing, truly adding a train ride across this country to my TO DO list. If you guys are looking for interesting people to interview once in DC (surely won't be hard to find), but I was just telling a friend about how you guys are taking the trip cross country to cover the inauguration when he told me his great uncle got invited to sit on STAGE during the inauguration. He was one of the first black pilots at Tuskagee...anyways, let me know if he is someone you wanna meet while covering this...nice analogy there as I liken Obama to a jet fighter who is going to pilot his way and OUR way to a new frontier...Also, I am following the frenzy through the media and wonder where the buzz truly lies? Is it that he will be our first african american president or is it that he truly represents change and has the desire to get after what the people really want? He really has done some flexing (and no, I am not talking about his sexy abs ladies) this past week throwing around terms like "veto" when it comes to getting that other 350 bazillion dollars already...just wonder how people would have reacted if GWB tried a stunt like that pre inauguration! One more tid bit I'd like to add is that if you check out ITUNES and look up the new "Obama Song" by Michael Franti and Spearhead you will find that the reviews have nothing to do with the song really, but more to do with people wanting to be heard...their opinions needing to be affirmed...It's gonna take a strong president to do as much listening and information taking as Obama will endure!!

Speaking of endurance...keep the diesel smoke high in the air on the Obama Express and see you at the next stop!

On Welded Rails, Sleeping Closets and French Toast

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