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Posted on September 9 at 5:32 a.m.

Obviously..your not getting it because you still want to do what shouldnt be done.

Aww and Dude slipping from the mouth of such an intelligent whitey.

If you understand it doesnt do any good to pursue the reckless avenue the Oil companies have outlined, why would you pursue it.

It comes down to brains...and the lack of them..same things that lead to your type of prejudice..simple lack of education and fear of change...your perfect for the republican party..paranoid, undereducated and angry. geeze they should have picked you to be have the same qualifications.

$.50 a barrel...10 yrs in the really why drill? I mean really..why?
It can't make sense to even you.

The only reason is to be contrarian..that truly can the only possible answer.

The thought that you will go with the right wing wack jobs no matter how idiotic the proposition.
Thats fine..because you only have a few months left till you and your kind are swept back under the rock from whence you came....

Calling someone what they have shown themselves to be is not a racial you said..its an observation of fact...

The good news is we will have the oil companies in court for so long they will never get a chance to rape the coast the time they can drill we will be well on our way to new sources of energy and the land will be protected from the true haters like yourself.

Peace Mr.Shaw a liberal is concerned about you and wants your world to be a better place long term...its ok, I know we need to reach across and help you move past your paranoia and hatred along with your world is coming to an end stories.
Have a great day Adolph...your welcome to come to the side thats going to win and lead the world into the future anytime you want.

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 8 at 8:35 p.m.

wow you did come back..I'M impressed..hmm ..figured you didnt have any friends to talk to so not a big surprise.
If the name fits and yours does..wear it proud Adolph..
Your in great company..Palin, McCain, Cheney, Bush,,all fine scum of the earth..and your heroes...

and one last time..drilling for Oil in channel does nothing to reduce our dependence on imported oil...thats the point you keep missing...there is not enough there to make any difference...drilling in the artic could start you want it to..but its 10 years till there is anything coming from those efforts..and it saves an incredible $.50 a barrel.
If you take the money and time you would need to invest to get that $.50 a barrel savings...don't you think even you might come up with a better alternative...and your not even one of the smart c'mon whitey..have some faith in alternative energy and man kinds ability to invent and conserve...its there to be discovered, developed, harnessed and used and it will save this earth for those little racist kids you are raising. Remember..they are ones who will carry on your fine legacy of openess and caring!

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 8 at 5:21 p.m.

With oil prices and oil company profits breaking records, the big five oil companies "earned" $123 billion in profits last year-nearly $230,000 in profits per minute. How can you even think they have your interest or the interest of the citizens of the USA in mind.

Yeah PSterling..its us environmentalist who are raking in these absolutely obsene profits

What if these wonderfully giving and caring oil companies actually put some of these profits into developing new ways to generate energy...hmmm what a concept...take some of your stealings..put it into exploration and development of new and renewable resources...Wow what a great idea..but no...that doesn't happen ..just same ol BS..let us drill let us drill...we need to make more and more and more....the time is now to develop other options..its amazing how far Oil per barrel dropped once people got tired of being ripped off..and started using less..that same brand of conservation could be increased and mass transit with some of those Billions of Oil profits..there are so many other ways to ease our usage of energy that do not require more drilling.

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 8 at 2:42 p.m.

all for new energy solutions...just against channel drilling that does nothing to ease shortage and puts environment at substansial risk.

And I blame all of us for driving SUV by ourselves...stock market future traders who toyed with oil options pushing gas up artificially and Big Oil who swiped up $50BILLION in profits last qtr.

Not immigation alone as A Shaw would have us think!

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 8 at 12:39 p.m.

you are different from me AShaw and I could not care less if I were ever accepted by the likes of you.
And like Mr Locke..when someone stands up to your spew you simply whine, cry, call him names and run away and hide in the murky shadows of Hannity and Coutler and Limbaugh.
Other Right Wing wack jobs who want to ensure only Whitey is allowed to grace the streets of the USA.
They too feel no compelling reason not to tear into the Earth because its about making a buck today and not worrying about what the earth is like after they are gone.

Once again Mr. Shaw,,Cry me a river..but make sure some one who is concerned about the environment is helping you take care of it.

What the A stand for anyway..Adolph?

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 8 at 12:22 p.m.

So you can read and know!

Now for Oil - Once again I know you need to read and read to get it clear!
Of the 90 million offshore acres the industry has leases to, mostly in the Gulf of Mexico, it is estimated that upwards of 70 million are not producing oil, according to both Democrats and oil-industry sources.
"Big Oil is more interested in pumping up prices and pumping up their own profits rather than pumping more oil," said Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass), who has co-sponsored a bill to charge oil companies a fee for land they hold that's not producing oil. "We should not even begin discussing handing over more public land to the oil companies until they first use [the land] they already hold."

The executives trot out their standard solution for every energy problem: allow more drilling in wild, natural places. They reiterate their desire for drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and areas off our coasts. Of course, drilling in the Arctic would do nothing to reduce oil or gas prices since it would take at least 10 years to begin drilling in the Arctic, according to government and oil industry experts. And the Department of Energy acknowledged that even at peak production the Arctic would only provide enough oil to reduce prices a negligible 50 cents per barrel.

Rather than open up the fragile Atlantic and Pacific Coasts to drilling, oil companies should begin production from the thousands of undeveloped leases in the western Gulf of Mexico (guess why they won't drill in the gulf of Mexico - Because they know an accident washes Oil up on the shores of Texas beaches).
Additional domestic oil production can do little to satisfy energy demand since the United States has less than 2 percent of the world's proven oil reserves yet consumes nearly one out of every four barrels of oil.

Its a horrible idea to drill off the coast of SB..It DOES NOTHING to help US independence..there is simply not enough oil there to make a difference!

I suppose it the Mexicans fault theres not enough oil in the channel and Artic drilling won't make even a $.50 a barrel impact 10 yrs from now. Blame them because thats the way you deal with Right Wing miscues and lies....Blame the lower down trodden classes...perfect Republican that you are!

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 8 at 6:31 a.m.

You spew racism throughout this statement as well as earlier statement where you "watched Taco Trucks", maybe you were talking about people from Sweden.

These are your words and the hate lies throughout:

Illegal imigration imports more poverty and more population growth, a culture that values a high reproduction rate, and a population that has no education or concern about the environment, but rather, a concern about their own personal economic survival (apparenty being more wise than us).

By the way it was a hate crime...he was here legally ( but why should that matter,,,he was murdering illegals ok?) And if he pissed them off is that ok? If I piss you off should I be concerned?

Back to Oil - Instead of putting blame where it the oil gougers feet. you choose to blame immigation. Your arguement is not new it comes directly from the right wing blogs. Instead of trying to find alternatives you want to contune to go in a route that believes the lies from the right wing leaders and continues to attack our lands with no concern for whats left for future generations.

If wanting to be inclusive, thinking that all people deserve the right to work hard and support their family, wanting to keep the environment healthy and thinking we can actually change this screwed up right wing thrashed planet is sick...then YEP..I'm very very sick and very very proud of it. I will fight your kind every single step of the way,,,,you are part of the problem sir...we are the solution!

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 6 at 7:51 p.m.

With oil prices and oil company profits breaking records, the big five oil companies "earned" $123 billion in profits last year-nearly $230,000 in profits per minute. How can you even think they have your interest or the interest of the citiznes of the USA in mind.

If your major concern is cost per gallon and you can't figure out theres a whole of that $4.00 a gallon finding its way into Big Oils Pockets youre just so intent on getting McCain elected you are not observing reality.

Drilling in the channel gets virtually nothing to offset price and usage right now. 10 years before you get anything out of the Artic and it only lowers cost $.50 a barrel. And you want to let the scum bags led by Cheney and Bush and now McCain coupled with his former hamlet mayor Palin, in to rape our channel once again.

As I said before..the first spot a drill bit should be placed is directly between the back pockets on the slacks of Big Oils executives and republican leaders. No moratorium there at all...Drill deep and drill now!

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 6 at 7:15 p.m.

So you know what your type of rhetoric causes.

It about making long term environmental want to make horribly irresponsible ones and we wont let you! EVER!

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on September 3 at 8:55 p.m.

I wanna run..
I do not speak all that well so the other party cannot use my intellegence against me.
Also I would never allow my daughter to date so I'll never have to talk to her about sexual responsibility..besides she took one of those oath/promise thingy's.
And I have never been a mayor of a city as big as the ones in Alaska..but I was hall moniter back in middle school..and I have had keys to an Executive washroom...I'm sure I'm ready..and I vow to make sure we just keep doing things the way they have been doing em the last few years..its been great!

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