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Posted on May 9 at 11:36 p.m.

I have a child who attends the Good News Club at Hollister School. I have sat in many times and witnessed what is being taught. Never once have I heard the teachers or leaders tell the kids that if they don't believe in Jesus that they will "go to hell". The leaders that volunteer each week care about only one thing - to teach the love that God, the same God that Christians and Jews worship, has for each one of us and to show that love to one another.
Maybe if Ms. Stewart did more thorough research and actually attended a club that has children, she would have seen that for her own eyes.
Also, a point that wasn't thoroughly explained - all children must have a signed parent permission slip in order to attend. How do I know that for such certainty? When my child first attended I received a phone call from one of the leaders telling me about the club and asking if I would give my permission. They told me that I must sign a permission slip before she could attend!
If parents don't want their children to attend, then their child cannot attend.

I for one am truly grateful for CEF and the work they do! I hope EVERY school has the privilege of having a club on their school campus.

The leaders truly care about the kids, not just to "convert" them to Christianity, but about their worries and concerns. I wish more clubs and programs were like Good News Clubs!

Oh, BTW, did you know that Good News Clubs were voted the Best Kids Club/Group by the Parent's Choice Awards for 2009. Why didn't Ms. Stewart interview any of the parents whose children actually attend a club? Seems she wanted to present one side and one side only!

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