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Posted on October 11 at 4:14 p.m.

The stigma of medical marijuana strikes again.
I agree that it should be prescribed by a solid doctor and the patient should have legal access to their medicine. I really dislike mis-educated people that think medical marijuana is even close to a schedule 1 substance.
These same mis-educated people are now intimidating all users of marijuana, lumping all into a stereotypical mis-perception that makes them look like silly. Obviously marijuana is not for everyone. My mother has never done any drugs in the past and no alcohol either, and no smoking.
She has developed MS in the last few years. She also has problems with anxiety and depression. I have watched her go through all of it. Its heart breaking. But then one of her friends turned her towards more natural alternatives, instead of pills , pills and more pills. What kind of life was that for my beloved mother? So she tried some medical marijuana to ease the pain help with the anxiety since then she has been a whole new mom. She has her energy back since she now has an appetite, she doesnt sleep for weeks on end anymore, she came back to me. If you cant catch my drift you have little experience and probably not a lot of wisdom. I would have done anything to have helped her and just when the doctors told her they had no other option except pills and more pills. So what kind of a life is that? She doesnt have to smoke often , but when she does its like having my mother back. She has always been my strongest ally in all my struggles. I love her more than anyone. Now tell me what am I going to do when or if they shut all the clinics? I would do anything for her...but I would be facing criminal charges. And that is not something I want. I obey all laws and always have my car in order and so on. But I could go straight to jail or even worse prison. Now someone explain why I have to watch her suffer. I think that the closing of so many clinics along the southern california coast is despicable. I am not a drug advocate, I am just a daughter trying to keep my mommy from suffering not only the pain but the awful side effects of pills. Please try to see it from a different perspective. And if youre not ready to at least give it a chance, Ill give you my address and you can come and visit us and see all the unjust things that are going on. Not only are you making my mother writhe and scream from all the things wrong with her because of the MS and see her tears and know that there is nothing you can do but watch. And health care here in southern california is just a wreck. How do I go my mom and tell her she cant get what she needs because a small group just makes the choices without even asking the voters. Cant we seek things that are not under the umbrella of the traditional western pattern of health care? Isnt this America?

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