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Posted on April 4 at 5:38 p.m.

The Bureau of Reclamation April 2014 Daily Operations Report for Lake Cachuma is available here:

Reports for previous months/years are available here:
(Scroll to the bottom of the table for the Cachuma Reservoir reports)

And to further clarify Nick's comment about the flashboards: these are 50' long by 4' high steel plate extensions installed on top of each of the four radial gates at the dam in 2004. Towards the end of rainfall runoff events, they allow the lake to be surcharged an additional 3 feet (plus 1 foot of freeboard so the gates are not over-topped by lake water). This surcharge water, approximately 10,000 acre-feet +/-, always was/is designated for eventual release into Hilton Creek for fisheries purposes.

On It's Not a Dog, It's a Woof

Posted on March 27 at 2:31 p.m.

The typical life span of reverse osmosis membranes such as were used in the City's desal plant is 5 years of active usage. Half the plant only was loaded with membranes and run for 1 month before the March Miracle rains in 1991 meant the plant could be shut down. Membranes also degrade while in storage, so the City selling its membranes to Saudi Arabia 23 years ago was a very good decision. Also, even if a plant is run continuously, it is normal to need to replace 20% of the membrane cartridges each year going forward to insure product water quantity & quality stays within the desired range.

On The Water Crisis Is a Policy Crisis

Posted on March 13 at 5:38 p.m.

It is counterintuitive to me that it is okay to use rock revetment to protect the east end of the lagoon, pump station and adjacent restrooms and marine biology facilities at UCSB and also to protect private properties along a lengthy stretch of coastline from Padaro Lane to the City of Carpinteria, but it is regarded as “illegal” to use the same material in the same manner to protect public parking lots, underground utilities and public restrooms & green space at the west end of Goleta Beach.

“Managed retreat” is not the best alternative for Goleta Beach. It will eliminate desirable public areas and has the potential to create impacts to facilities further inland, including Highway 217 and Santa Barbara airport. I support keeping all the rock revetment in situ and funding restoration of the offshore kelp forest as a mitigation measure.

On Protect and Restore Goleta Beach

Posted on March 13 at 2 p.m.

PCI stands for Pavement Condition Index. See The acronym saw a lot of use in the BOS discussion of deferred road maintenance.

On Budget Talk Centers on Jail, Maintenance Measure

Posted on September 18 at 12:44 p.m.

Dear Margaret, It's hard to believe that a year has passed since we were with you, your family and many friends and colleagues, celebrating your 80th birthday at Stow Grove Park! Thanks for all you have done over a long period of years for our community, congratulations on becoming a great grandmother, and best wishes for many happy returns of your birthday! Sincerely, Bob & Fadumo

On Mayor Connell's 81st Birthday

Posted on June 30 at 7:33 p.m.

In additon to public transportation issues and traffic impacts, what about LRDP potable water requirements? If Goleta Water District gives UCSB what it needs for this expansion, will there be any unallocated water left for other projects within the District's service area?

On UCSB Agrees to Wait on Plan

Posted on October 23 at 7:19 p.m.

There is a strange history of "community activism" by Roy Zbinden: 1) Reagan years - serves as member of local security detail guarding POTUS Ronald Reagan during Western White House visits, 2) 2004 - fails in attempt to ride Jean Blois' coat tails onto the Goleta City Council, 3) 2005 - becomes president of organization called "GoletaTomorrow" <> to "ensure a brighter future (sic) for Goleta," 4) 2006 - hosts City Council candidates forum at Maravilla; is caught another night in the act of removing opposition candidates' yard signs, 5) 2008 - has GoletaTomorrow endorse Jean Blois for City Council; is revealed as the local rep for the phantom "Coalition for a Healthier Goleta" PAC that is slamming Margaret Connell and Ed Easton. Makes you wonder what Zbinden's fellow "community activists" have been up to.

On Phantom PAC Materializes

Posted on August 19 at 12:19 p.m.

In conducting her survey, Ms Uribe could have asked a third question: "Do you know that the Goleta Design Review Board has reviewed plans for another hotel at the corner of Storke Road and Phelps Road?" This hotel was long planned as a part of the Camino Real Marketplace complex, along with a soccer field and an ice skating rink that have yet to be built. Notices that the DRB would be reviewing each of these three proposed hotel projects appeared in the Goleta Valley Voice and in the DRB agendas posted on the City of Goleta website

On None

Posted on May 2 at 5:59 p.m.

One reason this part of the Bishop Ranch hasn't been farmed for many years is they have no water. Their water supply from Lake Cachuma is instead being given to Goleta Water District (delivered to the District's Corona Del Mar Water Treatment Plant in the foothills on the ranch on the north side of Cathedral Oaks). In exchange, the District is providing water to the Camino Real Market Place. So water that was originally intended for agriculture is instead being used for commerce. And this transfer is perfectly legal, according to the parties involved.

On Developers Set Sights on Bishop Ranch

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