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Posted on April 13 at 5:34 p.m.

In Northern Santa Barbara County, many people breed chihuahuas and then try to sell them for a mere $10 each. Those that don't sell, get dumped in the riverbeds and other areas and, thus, the Santa Maria shelter gets overcrowded. There are some amazing volunteers who actually do "chihauhau runs" to the Bay Area, but it's almost futile. They sometimes drive as many as 100 chihauhaus in one day - only to return and find 40 more have been dumped and end up in the shelter that same day. Spay and neuter is the only answer and this is an excellent offer and creative campaign to help with that. This tragic situation in North County is why Santa Maria needs a spay-neuter ordinance like Santa Barbara County, but the politicians of Santa Maria are against this. The current mayor of Santa Maria, in fact, fought against the ordinance in the County as he is a "good old boy" who has not educated himself on the effectiveness of spay-neuter programs. Politicians like him would rather see the local shelters fail than do the right thing by the public and the animals. The ignorance around responsible pet ownership and care in North County, where I live, is astounding and those in power are most definitely part of the problem. Unfortunately, the media, especially in Santa Maria, is never going to report on this in depth so the tragedy continues for the hundreds of homeless pets this creates.

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