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Posted on December 16 at 9:58 a.m.

I loved walking the property, taking in the view, and partying there in college, oh so long ago. We don't have many ruins in the US and Knapps Castle offered a sense of timelessness and adventure, albeit on someone's private property. While grateful to trespass and respectful of private property, mine included, it is sad to see a mobile home and equipment there. Also sad to see strewn bottles and garbage. I'd love it to stay wild and abandoned, but alas, not practical. I have seen folks donate land that was used by locals for gathering and for beach access, but it is rare and the city/county then had to maintain it. Obviously most people don't have the resources to donate land and/or others to buy it. I can appreciate the sense of loss when a beloved place is no longer accessible, kinda breaks your heart even when you know it was never yours to begin with. We are connected to the land, we feel a kinship, even when it's a borrowed view...

On Knapp's Castle Construction?

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