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Posted on February 15 at 9:19 a.m.

When Scientologists drag out "all the good they do" in communities, they seldom mention that the quality of their drug rehab, literacy program and Scientology Volunteer Ministers is seriously questionable.
The drug rehab front group, NarCONon, is a slushy blend of junk science and Scientology coursework. In 2004, Narconon's educational outreach program was reviewed at the state level and found to be lacking in accuracy and science. It was expelled from public schools in California, Hawaii, Boston and Buffalo.

The Volunteer Ministers swarm to disasters, posing for photos and handing out little uplifting booklets to people who lack even the most basic essentials. They also deliver "nerve assists," a sort of Scientological laying on of hands, collect testimonials, disrupt mental health services, and lie about affiliation with legitimate groups such as the Red Cross.

After the tsunami, they came into the area with nothing, not even supplies for themselves, relying on local food and shelter better used for flood victims.

The literacy program is nothing but indoctrination into the works of founder L. Ron Hubbard.
These programs have the apparency of social betterment while doing nothing substantial. It is all smoke and mirrors.

As to Fair Game, they often repeat "we don't do that any more." Well, they don't do it any less, either. Here is an account of my last five years' experience with Scientology fair game tactics:

On Scientology Church Decries Wave of Worldwide Persecution

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