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Posted on March 9 at 2:12 a.m.

At the Carpenteria bluff area, I saw a woman carrying her baby, her toddler with another little girl and her husband in a fog taking pictures, oblivious that they were on railroad tracks and that the kids were quite far from their parents. I'm talkin' two years old and 5 years old. I couldn't stand it any more after a minute (I almost got ran over a year ago when a train silently turned a curve there) so I shouted out to watch it, that trains come by unexpectingly fast. They thanked me and asked where the road was to the bluffs. There was no road. Or signs. These are accidents waiting to happen. We all can't be there to warn people. We should care more about our fellow humans. And for goodness sake, stop walking your dogs on the tracks. Common sense!

On Danger on the Rails

Posted on February 21 at 7:53 p.m.

Well, since they didn't want him to speak in Arabic on his cell phone, and did what they did because he was speaking Arabic, it was a hate crime.
Now all 4 defendants are turning on each other---WHERE IS LOYALTY TO THE GANG NOW!!!!!

On Murder Trial Begins

Posted on February 21 at 11:28 a.m.

Sorry, my above comment about the "white" 21 yr old killed on Tues. night in downtown SB was referenced when I stated "It doesn't matter if he was a gang member or not." But there is a trial going on for alleged gang members in SB who already admitted to beating a non-gang member. The non-gang member didn't want to stop talking aloud on his cell while walking home. He was stomped 100x and eventually died painfully 3 days later. Where is the code for non-gang members? I guess stop talking on your cells in the dark walking home if you offend a gang member who just doesn't want to hear a foreign language other than Spanish. This is a hate crime. Why isn't it being tried as one???????????????

On Murder Trial Begins

Posted on February 21 at 11:16 a.m.

It doesn't matter if he was gang member or not. And that hasn't been disclosed yet except a description of "white." Now this week there is a trial in SB for another death, a man beaten more than 100x, when he was walking home after a long day's work. He wasn't gang affilitated. The murderers were. The public turnout at this trial where 3 alleged gang members sit, is pathetic!! SB if you really care you would show up at the trial. It will probably go on for a month. If you don't show up there is no pressure on the courts or the police to say no more gang takeover of SB. Wake up, stop dreaming. This is worse than LA. Much worse....A city should not be judged by its cover. Paradise, I just don't know.

On Murder Trial Begins

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