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Posted on May 24 at 6:04 p.m.

"The similarities abound between I.V.’s murderous madmen, so could anything have been done?"

Nothing like vultures picking on a carcass before it can even be buried... shame on you Nick Welsh !!!

On Isla Vista Shooting: Echoes of David Attias

Posted on May 14 at 7:18 p.m.

"The technology of photos, movies, and the internet have been interwoven with the respective technological advances."

Ha So profound !... Sounds like more academic "mumbo jumbo" regurgitated by so many liberal arts clowns who know so little about the internet/computing and less about the technology of image making... Dover Sharp you are really trying too hard, but not fooling me for one.. :)

The Harvard lampoon big book of college life had it right when they referred to "academia as faking it in a bold and aggressive way"

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on May 7 at 7:08 p.m.

Folks, I just thought of a brilliant idea !

And, in honor of MrsDoverSharpe, who has inspired it with her illumination of the merits of faculty enforcement of campus policies, I propose we call it the "doversharpe plan".

It goes like this:

Lay-off the law enforcement officers on campus ( UCPD ) and enlist faculty members to dedicate several hours a week each to policing the campus. And to create an incentive, tie this policing duty to the tenure process. Faculty will gain tenure points based on their ability to police the campus, you know illegal posters, pesky skate boarders, right wing agitators etc.

BUT, most importantly is catching ( and stopping ) any right wing or conservative points of view, or speech, on campus, anyone who might contradict a professors work, such as anyone against illegal immigration, pro Israel, anti abortion or anti affirmative action. You get the idea, all the " just causes " Extra bonus points could be given for events where real evil sneaks in , the likes of David Horowitz, Condolizza Rice or any Bush era criminals, and don't forget the Ex Mozilla CEO.

UCSB can save a substantial amount of money with the doversharpe plan. This money in turn can then be given to those poor and needy, BUT Highly deserving, departments where cutting edge scholarship and research is going on, you know Chicano studies, Feminist studies, Education, and maybe even establish a pornostudies major.

I'm pretty sure faculty will all jump at the chance to do their part, AND Chancellor Yang and Faculty enforcers can come out looking like heroes !

Thank you MrsDoverSharpe for inspiring this innovative, tolerant, sound and cost saving idea !

You ARE a genius !

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on May 6 at 3:29 p.m.

MrsDoverSharp, you keep saying the same thing over and over... Yet avoid answering key questions.. We get it, you know how to copy and paste !

How DO you define "faculty" you realize this term is very loosely applied by many on campus. ??

Also, No-one seems to be discussing the fact that the good professor appears to have also involved at least two students ? ( her Grad students ? ) in her act of, ahem ... what MrsDoverSharp calls enforcing the "regulations" . The Video shows them taking the sign(s) with her I believe.

Does that then mean that "faculty" can enlist ( or is the word coerce ) their students ( for whom they have enormous influence ) to Also engage in enforcing the regulations where they see fit ?

Don't you see this as a potential for an abuse of authority a faculty member has over their students ?

Apparently when the UCPD questioned her she refused to name the students, but at least one of them has been identified as a grad student in the Education School ( a haven for activist -feminist BTW )

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on May 3 at 4:19 p.m.

Careful Don Jose ! you are about to provoke another feminazi temper tantrum - you know that when you press for answers, use common sense, don't back down and call the gender bigots on their illogical BS they have no choice but to resort to elementary school yard name calling.

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on May 1 at 8:23 p.m.

"morality and social responsibility of their investments " This is hilarious - Do students realize that some of the research going on on campus is going into military and surveillance technology ? I mean it is nice to attempt to be altruistic BUT in the end you have to follow the money - and Henry Yang knows that all to well.

On Student Senate Continues Discourse on UC Investments

Posted on April 29 at 4:16 p.m.

MrsDoverSharp, you do appear to suffer from "Academentia" -amusing at best.

But, since you appear to be such an authority on campus policies, How do you define "faculty" anyway ?? Is this academic senate ? or does it include lecturers, supervisors, coordinators and researchers too, and what about staff and visiting professors. Who knew that they all had an obligation to police the campus ? And does that include stopping skate boarders and bicyclist from breaking the laws as well ?

Ever wonder why leadership stays silent ? I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with cowardice and embarrassment, not to mention legalities. I know many, many faculty here ( some who by the way DO speak up) who do NOT approve of Miller-Youngs actions nor do they, like you, believe she is in the right.

I'd say that UCSB administrators would like this all to go away as quick as possible, BUT as you say the media nabobs will have a field day, this is what they do, just look at the LaTimes and the Sterling debacle !

It will be interesting in the end to see if Miller-Young's defense argues that, as you say, she was obligated to enforce campus rules, OR will she just use the "trigger defense".

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on April 29 at 2:01 p.m.

Looks like there is plenty of "magical thinking" when it comes to who is supposed to enforce campus regulations, setting an example
for civil behavior on campus, academic standards of conduct, using your influence to coerce students into breaking the law etc etc.

Why is it so hard to admit that both sides are wrong here, but that Miller-Young is also a poor example of what we should expect
( as taxpayers and tuition paying students -And Yes I am both ) from a tenured Professor at a State institution ?

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on April 28 at 8:59 a.m.

When you say Michael Young's letter is "a lesson in itself" that is an understatement as you conveniently forget to hi-light the fact that it is also so telling how he takes an "US vs Them stance", refers to "Evangelical types" and goes on to say we are "under attack".

It is telling how out of touch he is, arrogant and seemingly willing to write off "evangelicals" as the other, or outsiders, without realizing that many students on campus identify as Christian and do take offense to this kind of generalization.

Imagine for a moment that a campus administrator, who supposedly speaks for all students, lumps all Mexican Americans together as "those types". The man would never do that, yet he has No problem doing so in this case.

I ( and many others ) do find this telling and very troubling.

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on April 26 at 1:08 p.m.

Who knew that the Regents of the University of California actually bothered to care what students thought ?? So me for one finds this article slightly ridiculous as well... :)

On UCSB Votes Down Divestment from Israel

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