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Posted on September 2 at 2:59 p.m.

C.D makes interesting points, and leaves out far too many. Proximity's production was layered, like a human body. It is not possible to understand or see every detail, every metaphor, each purposeful, articulate movement, the places where meaning can be interpreted in several ways, after seeing it only one time. Like the New York "avant-garde theater from the late 20th century," the viewer has to go into the experience with an open mind. After reading C.D's preview of the A Christmas Carol and noticing how many times he was incorrect with both the facts of the group as well as the intention and focus of the upcoming show, clearly he would be disappointed or confused by his own expectations. He grouped Proximity with the Manet's of their time, which is in the end, a compliment. I would have liked to have heard more about the acting, the roles chosen, the music, their (actual) inspiration(s), as well as their curiosity and exposition of the human body, which is unfortunately described here as "a few basic moves." Those moves created vital parts of the narrative, from the simplicity of two hands touching, to the same move only those hands were no longer touching. I urge the viewer to watch closely in a Proximity production - they ask something of the audience, something true artists do inherently. It was a stunning, rare (for Santa Barbara), production.

On <em>A Christmas Carol</em> at La Cumbre Junior High School

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