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Posted on July 11 at 12:48 p.m.

This story isn't about a couple smoking a little bit of pot, the guy that was arrested was dealing cocaine while on bail for dealing cocaine. Much more dangerous surroundings.

On Santa Barbara Man Arrested for Cocaine, Child Endangerment

Posted on July 1 at 2:38 p.m.

"These local elderly residents cannot opt out of long-term bond issues like the SBCC bond, like they can opt out of school district parcel taxes."

I can opt out of my Hope School taxes??? Sweet! I just saved $38 a year! </sarcasm>

On The Nexus of Poverty, Education, and Economic Development

Posted on June 27 at 3:51 p.m.

I'm with howgreen... and skresdent2 - and to an extent Bendy. My next door neighbor and I stopped watering our lawns last October. In April we started reusing the tub tap water ("running it to get hot") in our toilets. We have changed how we do our dishes to use less water and we sparingly water our vegetable garden only.

WE ARE THE ONLY TWO HOUSES ON OUR BLOCK with brown grass. I'm sure the neighbors think our yards are eyesores. I think they are irresponsible.

City Council should have made the rate increase happen a year ago! And any public place (included schools, parks and churches) and businesses that retain grass as landscaping should only be able to water their grass if the water is reclaimed. And HEY Goleta - when are you guys going to step up and raise rates on your citizens to match SB???

On City Customers Not Saving Water During Drought

Posted on June 20 at 1:03 p.m.

I'm thrilled that hungry people, especially kids, are being fed. However, I understand this that the school district is probably being over-taxed over the summer break when elementary schools are out of session. Considering education costs already aren't being met by funding (teachers paying out of pocket for classroom materials and other issues), why does the School District take this on over the summer? Is there no other government program that can handle this, that is perhaps more fully funded?

On Free Summer Meals Program Begins

Posted on June 19 at 6:18 p.m.

Parents need to raise better adults as well. No amount of lighting or road paving will fix all the assaults, burglaries, property (and environmental) damage, rapes, murders going on in the IV community. If parents didn't do the job the community needs to step up and self-police themselves. Make it clear these negative activities aren't acceptable. Floatopia? Perhaps the beginning of this awful downward public nuisance spiral. Student residents are adults. Start acting like it and take care of your "home".

On What's Next for Isla Vista?

Posted on June 18 at 8 p.m.

Ah, Stone - welcome to a new chapter of your life, to forever be known as, "I'm the driver doing it right and all the other drivers are morons." It sounds like your fledgling ways ARE correct and I applaud you! For drivers like you and I this hell never gets better and unfortunately (I can vouch for this) the situation only gets worse as you get older.

If you ever want a bit more confidence behind the wheel and learn how to predict the moronic motions of said moron drivers, I highly recommend you leave the Leaf at home for a weekend and do a driver's school at an open track day such as what NASA (not that NASA) puts on. There are also Defensive Driving Schools in LA for teens put on by BMW that resemble autocrosses.

Bravo on the writing and the clean driving. Keep it up and you will have a happy life.

On Stone Starts Driving

Posted on June 11 at 6:12 p.m.

SEVEN died in IV. SEVEN families are mourning. We can't leave out or ignore the one who is the reason we are talking about this one day in IV.

The more we purposefully sweep him under the rug, the more the mental health issues are also swept away, the more the gun control conversations are quieted, the more we stop thinking about what we want our society to become if these violent behaviors are allowed.

On Vice President Joe Biden Addresses UCSB Graduates

Posted on June 8 at 2:02 p.m.

WordsofReason: I'm not a gun person. I'm for your rights. I think gun owners should do a better job of self-policing yourselves.

Ken's comments about vigilantes reflect my own. During the movie theater shooting in CO, if everyone in the theater had a gun and thought as you, how could you possibly ALL know which ONE person was the bad guy? You wouldn't be able to know. The group didn't train as a group, as law enforcement does. Law enforcement personnel must train and retrain constantly, the common citizen does not. The situation would have become a bloodbath if every "good guy" had been armed.

I'll put my trust in my trained law enforcement personnel, I do not want vigilantes protecting me. I have zero trust in your knowledge, experience, or agenda. I don't need or want your "protection." Please keep your guns at home.

On We Must Learn the Lessons of I.V.

Posted on June 8 at 11:52 a.m.

Oh Barney... SEVEN died in this IV tragedy, another young person with their life ahead of him, as you write. How much could have been done for Rodger that wasn't? Let's ask that question too. BTW, don't discount the mourning his family is also going through, as the parents of the other killed.

On We Must Learn the Lessons of I.V.

Posted on June 5 at 6:02 p.m.

Brilliantly written article and some great comments here.

I'm with howgreen: the parents need to take major responsibility for this. And as a society we need to work to encourage better and more thoughtful parenting. Parenting is a life-long responsibility. Not just some cute pictures shown off on a fireplace mantle.

On Temper Tantrum of the Early-Morning Dog

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