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Posted on December 31 at 5:41 p.m.

"Doesn’t common sense demand some kind of reconciliation with our innate sense of free will and physical conceptions of time?"

But I question your assumption that time is a "physical" concept. Why is that time, a concept since antiquity was a part of philosophical and religious inquiry suddenly became a "physical" subject owned by physicists?

Examples: Plato discusses time in Timaeus says time is not an "Idea" but the part of the machinery of the created world. Aristotle also discusses time: "Time is often said to be motion or change, but these are properties of individual things, whereas time is same everywhere." St. Augustine asks "What is time?" and also says "God lives outside of time. His Word has existed since eternity. There was no time before creation." This last sentence could have been uttered today by physicists on the authority of some equation.

On On Time and Free Will

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