• Flood Warning for Southwestern San Joaquin Valley County, California
  • Flood Warning issued June 28 at 5:36AM PDT by NWS
  • Effective: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 5:36 a.m.
  • Expires: Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 2 p.m.
    At 1220 PM PDT, sections of the Kings River remained in flood.
    Although water levels continue to slowly fall, water levels remain
    at bankfull with continued flooding along parts of the Kings River
    through Thursday.
    Dangerously high and cold water flows along the Kings River will
    remain a threat to communities downstream of Pine Flat Dam as well
    as anyone swimming in the Kings River. Locations still impacted
    include, but are not limited to: Minkler.

  • Flood Warning for Southwestern San Joaquin Valley County, California
  • Flood Warning issued June 22 at 1:47PM PDT until June 24 at 1:00AM PDT by NWS
  • Effective: Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 1:47 p.m.
  • Expires: Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 1 a.m.
  • ...A Flood Warning for the following rivers in California remains
    in effect...
    Merced River at Pohono Bridge
    .Snowmelt will cause the Merced River at Pohono Bridge to fluctuate
    near flood stage through at least the weekend. Water will also be
    very fast and cold creating increased danger along the Merced River.
    People should stay clear of trees near flooded areas of the river.
    Roots have become weakened and exposed because of persistently high
    water levels, increasing the danger of falling trees. Exposure of
    tree roots is also a tripping hazard.
    Forecasts are based on present and forecasted meteorological and
    hydrologic conditions at time of issuance.
    The Flood Warning continues for
    the Merced River at Pohono Bridge.
    * At 1:00 PM Thursday the stage was 9.7 feet
    * Minor Flooding is forecast
    * Forecast to recede to near 9.0 FT this evening then expected to
    rise above flood stage of 10.0 FT after midnight tomorrow then
    forecast to rise to near 10.0 FT early tomorrow then forecast to
    fall below flood stage of 10.0 FT tomorrow morning then forecast to
    recede to near 9.0 FT tomorrow early afternoon.
    * Flood Stage 10.0 ft
    * Monitor Stage MSG ft
    * IMPACT...Near 10.0 feet, Western portion of North Pines Campground
    located at the east end of Yosemite Valley between the confluence
    of the Merced River and Tenaya Creek begins to flood. Water rises
    to the base of the swinging bridge downstream from Chapel Meadow.
    * IMPACT...Near 9.5 feet, Portion of Lower Pines Campground becomes
    flooded. Limited site-specific evacuations begin at Housekeeping
    Camp located along the south-facing bank of the Merced River.
    (Upstream from Sentinel Bridge and downstream from Stoneman Bridge)
    * IMPACT...Near 9.0 feet, Chapel Meadow (south side of river) and
    Cooks Meadow (north side of river) begins to experience overflow.
    * IMPACT...Near 6.5 feet, River is closed to rafters and flotation.

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