Top 5 Social Media In Santa Barbara, United States

According to a recent survey from Kantar, most Americans prefer using Facebook and it is gaining as one of the most popular social media sites among them. Almost, every American has a Facebook account and surprisingly they have not even created an account in any other social media site. It is one of the top social networking sites. The Kantar survey has also gathered some valuable information via telephone from the adults of age 18 and older.

Have a look at the top social media sites in the United States:-


More than 17% of people said that they have accounts in Twitter. It is a little ahead from LinkedIn, Face book, Instagram or Pinterest which grabbed 16%, 12% and 11%. The survey also revealed that men have more chances of having an account in Twitter if compared with women. Furthermore, Twitter have also decided to make the IPO filling public so that investors and social media experts can learn more about the company and its target customer.

Google Plus

In this survey, it was around 23% who said that they are now using Google which is the competitor of Face book. It said that women have more tendency of creating an account in Google if compared with women.

You Tube

The most popular video sharing platform is YouTube, which is a Google owned site. It is in number three. The survey revealed that it is around 28% of people who have accounts with YouTube. Both men and women are active on Face book.


No, that’s not a social networking site. Americans don’t use social media at all except Face book, with more than 30% of people saying that they don’t have any accounts on social networking site. Kantar also revealed that this 29 % figure includes the percentage of You Tube which is 28%.


57% of people said that they have an account on Face book, which has made it clear that Face book is undoubtedly the winner in U.S. However, it is not really a big surprise. Among people 18 to 29, more than 90% of people reported that they have a Facebook account which they access every day. It is now dominating the social media spectrum.

Which social media site you are using? Share your valuable feedback with us!

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