Two Days To Go

With 36 hours to go before the polls open in California, here's a batch of late-breaking web gems for political junkies already feeling the icy dread of Cold Turkey Wednesday:

Hannah-Beth Jackson got a boost in her down-to-the-wire race for the 19th state senate seat against Republican Tony Strickland when the Ventura County Star, the media Big Dog in the district endorsed her over the weekend.

Total spending in the Jackson-Strickland race has now exceeded $10 million, according to Timm Herdt, the Star's star reporter on the most important legislative contest in the state, who has the numbers on his blog here.

If you haven't yet, you MUST hear Sarah Palin coo-cooing to a man she thought was French President Nicolas Sarkozy; bad enough that Palin was hilariously prank'd by two Canadian DJs, (don't miss her whispering in the background to an aide that she's been had after the jocks fess up), but hearing what she thinks is the appropriate way to represent America in talking to a foreign leader, c'est tres incroyable.

For those who've been paying more attention to their 401(K) and need to bone up on politics before Tuesday night's round of election parties, here's a rock-solid overview of the national campaign from three worthies of the Washington Post.

New York's Post, meanwhile, does some first-rate visual storytelling with this guide to election night TV watching.

Forget the polls, what do the gamblers say: If you, like me, missed Woodrow Wilson's late surge in the 1916 campaign and put cash down on Charles Evans Hughes, you'll be glad to know that it is believed to be the only race in history that professional odds-makers blew big-time. Take a look at the long odds on John McCain here.

He was against it before he was for it: Obama supporters who actually knew he is a lawyer apparently forgave him for it long ago, but seeing him blur his position on gay marriage is enough to make you wonder what the meaning of the word "is" is.

The Democrats' worst nightmare, described by Watergater Carl Bernstein, is here.

The Republicans' worst nightmare, in what is likely to become a constant refrain over the next four years, is here.

Remember when Obama called for "a national conversation about race"? Turns out that organized labor actually had one, as Politico reports here.

Am I the only one who didn't know Hawaii's governor despised Obama? The great travel writer Paul Theroux shines a light on Aloha State trash-talking.

Most concise closer on what the Obama and McCain campaigns are basically about comes, of course, from Slate's John Dickerson here.

And finally, Jerry Brown, my early front-runner to be California's next governor, offers a counter-intuitive but characteristically smart take on Proposition 5.

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