Bleary-Eyed Blogging

Five quick thoughts on the morning after:

1-The Hannah-Beth Jackson-Tony Strickland race seems likely headed for a recount. As noted last night, Jackson's big margin in Santa Barbara buttressed her against Strickland's totals from the Ventura and L.A. counties portions of the district, but barely. Sara De La Guerra over at Blogabarbara has a nice chart showing how HBJ's 108 vote edge breaks down by county.

2-The "Bradley Effect" - RIP.

3-Some things never change: surfing the TV networks this morning, it became clear that they -- surprise, surprise! - decided to focus almost exclusively on the easy, racial angle of Obama's win. But wasn't it perhaps even more impressive because of the generational angle? The numbers on the 18-25 cohort who turned out to vote for him were stunning. And the plain fact is, anyone who ever looked at a picture of Obama and John McCain together during the campaign, clearly saw that one guy looked like the future and the other the past. And I say that as a proud member of the Old White Guy Community.

4-Did anyone else think it was strange that there weren't any TV pictures of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan watching the results come in last night? Maybe I missed it, but if anyone saw such a shot, let me know. I also thought the one flaw in Obama's acceptance speech was his failure to offer strong words of thanks to the troops for their service.

5-Over at, the indefatigable Josh Marshall develops a point that CL briefly suggested early this morning about the victory of Prop. 8, which bans gay marriage in California:

3:28 AM ... I don't know if irony is the word for this. But if this bears out, I'm sure this will be grist for a lot of discussion. According to the AP's analysis of the exit polls in California: "Blacks turning out in droves to support Obama also threw their support strongly behind Proposition 8, which would overturn the state Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage. Opposition to the ban held a slight edge among whites, while Latinos and Asians were split."

On the road again.

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