More Votes: Strickland Holds Lead

Voter registrars in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties reported a flurry of new vote totals in the 19th state senate district race Tuesday, and when the dust settled, Tony Strickland still held a 540 vote advantage over Hannah-Beth Jackson.

As counting of absentee ballots continued in three counties where ballots were cast for the race, Santa Barbara's voter registrar reported that Jackson picked up a net of 284 votes -- an hour before the L.A. registrar reported that Strickland had gained an identical number over his rival in that county.

The bottom line was that the Republican maintained a 540-vote edge:

Strickland 181,222
Jackson 180,682

The Ventura County registrar is expected Wednesday to post new numbers for some of the approximately 50,000 remaining vote by mail ballots in that county. The Secretary of State is to certify final results in the race Dec. 2.

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