Strickland Pads Lead

Tony Strickland widened his lead over Hannah-Beth Jackson in the 19th state senate district Friday, as a fresh batch of newly counted ballots in Ventura County gave him a 2,027 vote lead.

With tallying of vote by mail and provisional ballots continuing in three counties, the overall count stands at:

Strickland 190,961 (50.26)
Jackson 188,934 (49.73)

With Jackson facing an increasingly steep hill to climb in catching her Republican rival, her campaign is looking for hope to about 20,000 uncounted provisional ballots in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Provisional ballots traditionally are those cast by voters who registered shortly before Election Day, and are likely to include large numbers of college students who would favor the Democrat.

If you're checking the secretary of state's website for results on the race, be aware that their tally lags by several days or more, depending on when and in what form they receive local vote totals. The running totals reported in Capitol Letters are confirmed with both campaigns before posting.

Correction: In several previous posts, I reported the wrong date for the Secretary of State to certify the final count. The official canvass ends Dec. 2, when local election officials certify the results; the Secretary of State has until December 13 to do so. Apologies for any confusion.

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