Jackson Now Trails By 2,141

It's still mathematically possible for Hannah-Beth Jackson to eke out a win in the 19th state senate district - but her political odds of doing it are getting longer all the time.

A summary of the latest counts posted by Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties of votes cast in the district shows Republican Tony Strickland still pulling ahead:

Strickland 191,633 (50.28)
Jackson 189,492 (49.71)

The office of Santa Barbara elections chief Joe Holland is expected this week to begin counting about 6,000 provisional ballots that represent the last-ditch, longshot chance for Jackson to claw her way back. For that to happen, the provisionals, many cast by voters who registered at the last-minute, would need to break in her favor by a very substantial margin. There also are about 15,000 uncounted provisional ballots in Ventura County.

Strickland's percentage lead of .57 is small, but it is also significant because it exceeds the .50 margin that would automatically trigger a manual recount of the results after all the outstanding ballots are tallied.

Stay tuned to CL for the latest updates.

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