Five Weeks to Go

CL will be joining in the live blog of Thursday's big vice-presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. Go here for details, and join the conversation.

Thirty-three days before the election, Barack Obama is tip toeing to the cusp of what your political reporters like to call cracking it open: not only do new national polls show him opening up significant leads, but state polls show him passing John McCain in Florida and Ohio, two must-have states for the Republican, and even taking a slight lead in Virginia. All the latest at RealClearPolitics here.

Beyond the small matter of the world economy collapsing, two other things that have REALLY hurt McCain in recent days have been Letterman's jihad against him for canceling an appearance at the last minute and Tina Fey's devastating take on Palin on Saturday Night Live.

See you at the debate.

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