Bottom Line on Biden-Palin

Here was my instant analysis at the end of the veep debate Thursday night. You can see the Independent's complete live blog of the event by clicking on the icon on the Indie home page.

My take:
1-It was a classic debate that won't change many people's minds; those who were for McCain going in will still be for him, and same for Obama.

2-On an individual level, Palin "won" by standing up there for 90 minutes with Biden, an experienced and substantive politician without melting down.

3-Palin rehabbed herself somewhat, and more people in the next poll will say they feel she's qualified.

4-Biden pounded very effectively on the Bush-McCain connection; given that the campaigns are fighting over 10% of the people in the middle, that can't hurt.

5-Biden avoided sounding either like a bully or condescending, but he had such a natural advantage he won't get credit for it.

6-Bottom has been falling out for McCain in polls; this might slow it down a bit.

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