All The News That Fits

Three dots, cheap shots and fraught thots:

Obamarama:On the eve at last of Obama's inauguration, why does it seem like he's already been president for years?...Sure, 75 percent of Americans say they're both hopeful and patient, but if the Great Man doesn't move fast and effectively on the recession, they'll turn on him faster than Linda Blair's head in "The Exorcist":If I'm Obama, I start soft-pedaling those comparisons to Abe Lincoln ASAP, for all the reasons Bloomberg News cites here:Check out which of your neighbors gave big bucks to the inaugural at Obama's new data base of contributors so that's transparency! - here...Stop the presses: Last spring, I sent an email to Obama's press operation asking a question about his position on Proposition 8; I never did get an answer but immediately began receiving almost daily email fundraising pitches, from everyone from Michelle to the unfortunately named David Plouffe. Finally the Big Fella himself sent me an actual email that doesn't ask for money:Best sappy column about What Obama's Election Means comes from Roger Cohen in the mortgaged-to-the-hilt New York Times.

Tales of the Bushman: While W. and the corpulent henchman Karl Rove spun the tall tale of how 43's presidency had actually been a smashing success who are you going to believe me or your own eyes? it was altogether fitting that the Bushman's valedictory to the nation was totally overshadowed by the Miracle on the Hudson airline story:Fortunately, Letterman reached into the breach to provide a proper farewell, which you can view here.

Terminator tones it down: It wasn't a great week for Republican chief executive speechifying anyway, as Governor Arnold barely broke the 1,000 word barrier in his annual State of the State speech to the Legislature. Actually, his modest and modestly delivered plea for "political courage" in ending the political dysfunction blocking a budget amid a $40 billion deficit showed he's not completely tone deaf, despite his self-referential invocation of "Conan's sword' and the delight he took in his own joke at the Legislature's expense in calling for the salaries of elected officials to be denied in the absence of a budget:Arnold's best gimmick to date is the "deficit clock" on his website, which you can find here,showing California bleeding red ink at the rate of more than $400 per second...Hap Freund and his indefatigable staff at Santa Barbara Channels rounded up a terrific panel Supervisor Salud Carbajal, UCSB executive vice chancellor Gene Lucas, Lisa Holden of the Nonprofit Support Center and UCSB poli-sci professor Ted Anagnoson that I was privileged to moderate in an in-depth discussion of What the Budget Mess Means to Us, now airing at all hours on Channel 21.

Always trust CL: A shiny new chrome dome study confirms the view, presented here in the first days after the passage of Prop. 8, that being a regular churchgoer is a far more reliable predictor of attitude on gay marriage than many of the ethnic and other demographic theories being peddled after the measure's surprising passage last November:The best story on the study is here,the best blog commentary is here and the study itself may be found here.

Difi watch: My old partner, Mark Z. Barabak, has the latest mushy word from the mare's mouth about a possible campaign for governor in an interview with Senator Dianne Feinstein in the By God Los Angeles Times, but I'm still taking bets just figuratively, officer she won't run:You could look it up: When Difi attended all-girls high school, she often played the male lead in plays mounted by the young women of the Convent of the Sacred Heart because of her height:As this blather makes clear, she still gets off on playing Hamlet.

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