Read It And Weep

California's Department of Finance has finally released its summary of what is actually in the something-for-everyone-to-hate state budget deal that Gov. Terminator and the mighty Sacramento solons cut two weeks ago.

Gathering up and deciphering hundreds of crumpled scraps of paper, scrawls on mayonnaise-stained brown bag shards and smeary blue ink notations scribbled on the wrists and palms of various state senators, the finance fellas churned out a fairly clear, 37-page report that makes the budget look a whole lot more coherent than it is.

The report is here.

Keep in mind, while checking out the gory details of the $1 billion + cut in public schools and the $900 million whack from higher ed, that the Department of Finance works for the governor, so feel free to ignore all references to political courage in making hard choices, etc., blah, blah.

Caution: Do not read while operating heavy machinery.

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