Few of the cast members for Bolero Santa Barbara are professional dancers, but they're already acting like old hands. At today's rehearsal, everyone got down to business, counting under their breath and waiting for their cues while Keigwin cranked out the new choreography. Though the show is three weeks off, we're already rehearsing the curtain call. Without giving away any secrets, I'll say this much: this crowd will take any excuse to to boogie.

We moved on to working with hula hoops (a lot of giggling, a few flying hoops, and no broken noses, though there were plenty of close calls), and then with the bright-colored beach towels we'd all brought from home. You'd be surprised how tricky it can be to hold a towel taut and play peek-a-boo over the edge, let alone swing the thing like a lasso above your head; I heard more than one complaint of sore shoulder muscles.

By the end of our two-hour session, we'd put together a good little section of material. I'm amazed at Keigwin's graceful approach to the choreographic process--working with this many people can be pretty complicated--but he seems to be sailing through it with ease. Maybe that's because this isn't the first time he's set Bolero on a community group. His good attitude is contagious; everyone involved is having a blast.

A handful of kids added to the fun today, and Keigwin is still looking for more under-18 participants, as well as more men. Come one, come all.

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