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For the first time ever, The Santa Barbara Independent is reporting from the Democratic National Convention, which goes down in Denver August 25 to 28, 2008. Our reporters - namely staff writer Chris Meagher, delegate and former county supervisor Susan Rose, and Laguna Blanca High student body president Willy Chotzen-Freund - will be blogging 'round the clock and writing feature articles about the blue donkey party on this page. And our in-house political expert Jerry Roberts will be keeping tabs on the convention from the comfort of his couch. Stay tuned to for the latest.

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Everything Running Smooth, County Says

County Registrar Joe Holland expects record turnout by the time 8 p.m. rolls around.

Final Thoughts from the Convention

All in all, it was a convention to remember.

Wednesday Night Rocks, Thursday Morning Lines

Wednesday and Thursday night parties bring out celebs, while Thursday morning brings out long lines at Invesco Field.

DNC 2008: Moments to Remember

Most successful were the 1,000 bikes that were available free to the convention visitors.

Last Night at the Convention: Barack's Speech

Finally, it was about the American dream.

Barack Obama's Complete Speech

Here is the text from Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic Nation Convention in front of an estimated 85,000 people in Denver.

Convention Couch Potato IV

Obama tells his own story, spells out what change means and gets up close and personal in John McCain's face.

Barack's Nomination

I guess you could say I cast 2 votes for the Democratic candidate for president.

Bill and Joe's Night

It was a picture perfect finish.

Outstanding Speeches Make Wednesday the Best Night of the DNC yet

Four particularly great speeches, along with a couple surprises, highlighted an exciting night at the Convention.

Convention Couch Potato III

Obama makes history, as Hillary makes it official, the Big Dog plays nice and Biden gets overshadowed by his son.

Notes From the Inside

Rep. Lois Capps speaks, as do others, but Clinton steals the show again.

Prepping for Day 3

Day two was exhilarating and day three promises to be that much and more.

Delegate Profile: Sherry Holland

California has the most delegates, 441, out of any state in the country. Here is one from Santa Barbara.

Lois Capps speaks to Convention

Here is the text from Rep. Lois Capps' brief speech to the Democratic National Convention Wednesday at the Pepsi Center.

Hillary's Speech

When she stepped down in June, it seemed as if a dream had died.

Women Matter at the Convention

When you run for office, you never know where it will lead.

Day 2 of Convention continues Excitement, Push for Unity

Interesting speakers, both before and during the convention, highlighted the second day of the DNC.

Convention Tracks

"There is no fast food democracy."

Convention Couch Potato II

Live blogging the convention.


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