Countdown to DNC 2008

As I head to the DNC 2008 as a delegate, I will be juggling two jobs. I am taking on a second responsibility- covering the story for The Independent. In addition to casting my votes, this blogging business requires me to provide our readers with unique insights and daily vibes from the convention. I am ready!

Although TV coverage for the first floor session of the DNC begins on Monday night at 4pm Denver time, the real kick-off for the convention starts this weekend with pre-convention gatherings. Delegates from all over are packing their bags and heading to the mile-high city for media meetings and GLBT (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual) events on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday evening, the Denver Host Committee will sponsor a massive party for all delegates. The event will feature and recognize the Friends of New Orleans. This should be our first challenge as delegates since RSVPs were required but no one in Denver was answering the phones. Is this a sign of the week ahead? What kind of operation will this be?

The first convention drop out is Senator Dianne Feinstein. She broke her ankle hiking this past weekend. This is a big loss for the Hillary crowd as Feinstein has been a strong voice in support of the New York Senator. Behind the scenes discussions continue to convince the Obama team to select HRC as vice-president.

Polls are showing the election in a dead heat, the vice-presidential choices have not been announced and the candidates are arguing over Georgia and the economy. At least they have moved beyond Paris Hilton. Obama needs to come out of the convention with a bump in the polls. Can he do it?

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