Obama Drama: Who Will be His Veep?

As I was leaving for Denver, phone calls and emails all said the same thing: have a good time and who will Obama chose for his Veep? The candidate has been quoted as saying he wants someone who will be independent and will challenge him; especially someone who could be the president! The pundits are debating the change factor versus experience. Potential nominees include Senators Biden and Bayh and Governor Kaine. Political wisdom would call for someone who will help Obama win the election.

The campaign is managing this process well. They are building suspense leading up to the convention. Perhaps, Obama will surprise us and we will look back on this as the big fake-out.
BTW, if you sign up for an instant email or text message announcing his choice, it will be immediately followed by a request for funds. Team Barama never misses a beat.

Footnote: a 2008 version of the cultural wars. Remember when George H. Bush didn't know how to check out of a grocery store? Fast forward 16 years and the candidates are arguing about their houses. Did McCain make a fatal mistake not knowing how many houses he owns?
We'll see if Obama can make this stick?

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