Denver Welcomes Us

As a delegate, the first impression you have of the convention is the City of Denver and its volunteers. In our case, we arrived at the Denver airport to be greeted by smiling faces,each of whom carried big signs saying welcome, and who were actually able to answer our questions. The airport is large, beautifully designed and run efficiently. It reminded us of the Sydney Opera House. Transportation to the city was available and traffic well-coordinated.

The entire California delegation is assigned to one hotel along with New York. We are told there are 1,000 rooms. Check in goes smoothly but some of the elevators are not working. This will mean an extra half hour added to exits from the hotel. Registration for the convention itself is even faster. We were loaded down with more info, lots of tchotchkes and told that Thursday night tickets are not available for our guests. The word is that 60,000 have been given out to Coloradans already. Delegates (4,000) are guaranteed a seat at the Mile-High stadium for Obama's acceptance speech.

The air in the mile-high city is fresh and we go for a walk. (We have been warned to drink lots of water because of the altitude.) The hotel is located in the city's civic center adjacent to a museum district. As we approached the Denver Museum of Art we saw a large press conference going on. The Mayor, John Hickenlooper, was announcing an agreement between the school district and the teacher's union. Labor and management are in harmony here. The Mayor's timing was exquisite. (More about the Mayor later.)

As we observed the new Daniel Liebeskind designed museum building, we noticed a large Claes Oldenburg sculpture in front. It is a big broom (about 25 ft. high) with an equally big dust pan. The title is "Big Sweep." Am I imagining some symbolism here as the Dems get ready to clean out The White House?

Question: why did the Dem. Party chose to have the convention here in Denver?
Perhaps, because the state of Colorado is moving closer to the blue column.

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