Delegate Profile: Rob Egenolf

California has the most delegates, 441, out of any state in the country. Santa Barbara County is sending six delegates to the Democratic National Convention, four for Sen. Barack Obama and two for Sen. Hillary Clinton. Here is a chance to meet one of those delegates, Rob Egenolf, who thinks that Democrats could win a majority in the House and Senate and could have a filibuster in the Senate.

Name: Rob Egenolf

Age: 62

Family: Married to Judy for almost 39 years. They have two children, a physician daughter in New Hampshire who is currently running for a state representative seat, and a son who is a "computer wizard" outside of Cambridge, Mass. He has four grandchildren.

Residence: Santa Barbara, on the Riviera

Occupation: Attorney. "I don't describe myself in life as an attorney, I am a husband, father and grandfather for a living and then an attorney." He also hosts a weekly talk radio show with Chamber of Commerce director Steve Cushman.

Years in California: Born and raised California. Has lived in Santa Barbara since 1975

First political experience: "It was really as Republican. My stepfather was the San Diego chair for the Nelson Rockefeller campaign in the 1964 election."

First political vote: "The age used to be 21 so I didn't vote until 1968. Both my mother and stepfather grew up very staunch right wingers. My stepfather was the mayor of San Diego in the 50s. I became a Republican for years until they started drifting well away from my social views. I've been socially liberal, fiscally conservative for a long time. The party changed around me."

Delegate for: Clinton

Leader you most admire: "That's a difficult one. I'm not too enamored with most of our leaders by the time they become leaders because they've sold out to various causes that tend to influence their views and actions. I'm going to be circumspect and say I don't know."

Is this your first time as a national delegate? Yes

Why did you become a delegate? "I felt this was going to be the most historic convention in my lifetime. We were either going to have the first woman or first African-American become a nominee for the President of the United States. Either way it was going to be historic."

Have you been to a Convention before? "Never been."

What are you most looking forward to at the Convention? "I just don't know what to expect. I'm looking forward to the process. I hope to be involved in issues and forums. I'd love to actually participate and be involved in the process and watch the process from within as opposed to without. His speech on Thursday is going to be one of the major events of our lifetime."

What about Hillary? "I was disappointed when she didn't get nomination, but I'm going to be supportive that John McCain doesn't win."

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