What Does It Mean To Be A Delegate?

Sunday was the social beginning of the convention, but Monday was the day all delegates got down to the business of the convention: selecting a candidate for president. For the California delegation each day begins with a breakfast for all delegates. Today, Art Torres, chair of the California Democratic Party (CDP), gave out instructions for the week. He lamented that there are no extra tickets for the evening convention meetings, not even for his own family. Things are tight in Denver!

Each morning for the rest of the convention we will hear from different speakers. Nancy Pelosi was the first guest of the week. Madam Speaker, as she is known affectionately among Dems, signs were everywhere. Nancy's role was to rally the troops and she did that well by praising
Obama and trashing McCain. The schedule for the rest of the week will include speeches from Governors Napolitano (Arizona), Paterson (New York), Patrick (Massachusetts) and Strickland (Ohio) on Tuesday; Senator Boxer on Wednesday; and Mayors Hickenlooper (Denver), Newsom
(San Francisco) and Villaraigosa (Los Angeles) on Thursday.

Before I left for the convention, I asked friends what they wanted to hear. One said she wanted to feel the vibe of the convention. Democratic conventions are a vibrant experience. Beginning each day at 8 am with caffein and political presentations gets the blood going. The action continues with many events until the evening floor session. In a future blog I will describe some of the events that go on and the issues that are debated between breakfast and the evening sessions. Needless to say, that by the time the delegates head to the convention center, everyone is charged up.

Being a delegate takes work!

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