Highlights from the First Day of the Convention

I started off my morning by attending the California delegate breakfast at the Sheraton hotel. One goal of this breakfast was to find someone with an extra set of convention credentials who would be willing to give me their extra floor pass, allowing me to enter the Pepsi Center. While I was unable to find anyone with spare credentials, I still had a great time socializing with the delegates, soaking up their advice, and learning about how one becomes a delegate.
Then, the actual breakfast began. Nancy Pelosi gave an impassioned speech in which she urged unity and cohesiveness among the Democrats. She discussed many issues affecting our nation, always concluding each topic by saying firmly, when it comes to this issue, "Barack Obama is right and John McCain is wrong!"
The other highlight of the breakfast was a unified chant of "We are one" that could be heard well outside the walls of the breakfast room.

Later in the day, various speakers from the convention came to talk to my Junior Statesmen of America group. The speaker I found most interesting was Jason Rae, who, at the age of 21, is the youngest superdelegate at the Convention. Interested in politics since an early age, Rae detailed his rapid rise to the political scene as a member of the Democratic National Committee. His story demonstrated how quickly one can succeed in politics with determination and a little luck. Other speakers included pledged delegates, superdelegates, and a political science professor.

Convention Watch Party
Since I did not have a pass to get into the Pepsi Center, I watched the night's speeches on the gigantic movie screens in the Convention Center. Michelle Obama's speech and Ted Kennedy's speech were the clear highlights, but in addition I particularly enjoyed Craig Robinson talking about Obama's basketball characteristics and Obama's video appearance at the end of the night. Also, while I liked the bipartisan message sent by having Republican Rep. Jim Leach speak at the Convention, his voice was distractingly similar to that of Kermit the Frog.

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