Women Matter at the Convention

Tuesday, Aug.26th was the 88th celebration of women's suffrage. Throughout the day and during the evening session. women leaders and organizations were seen and heard everywhere
at the convention. Feminist vibes permeated Denver. A women's marathon of events actually began on Monday afternoon.

On Monday afternoon, The Feminist Majority hosted an EqualiTea. The F/M is an activist organization that takes on national (protecting clinics) and international issues. They also own Ms Magazine. Hundreds of women attended while anti-choice picketers marched outside and screamed at the entering guests. It was like the early days of the Feminist movement. The program included a recognition of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones who died last week.

Monday night Planned Parenthood held a cocktail party. President Bush's effort to redefine abortion in federal law has the organization working overtime. Under the leadership of Cecile Richards, Ann's daughter, Planned Parenthood has endorsed Barack Obama for president. This is only the second time in its history that they have endorsed in the presidential race.

Tuesday morning began with the Dem. National Committee's Women's Caucus. Thousands of women listened to speakers from the entertainment and political world rally the group for the election. Donna Brazile recognized Hillary for her accomplishments and shared her reactions to a CNN colleague who accused HRC of having a PMS moment during the primary. A highlight of the morning was Sheilah Johnson's story of growing up and experiencing a form of racism called
"high yella." She was riveting. The focus of the meeting was "women matter!"

Tuesday afternoon Emily's List celebrated. Founder Ellen Malcolm was recognized for her accomplishments in creating Emily's List which in turn has brought more women into public office. Ellen spoke about the need to "bring back a progressive America. Thousands of women attended and cheered the organization's success at electing pro-choice Dem.women. Senator Barbara Mikulski introduced Hillary who in turn urged women to support Obama. In her speech she acknowledged that when you run for office you never know where it will lead. The audience was with her all the way!

During the day, 300 women marched nearby in support of Hillary for President. The news papers continued to promote the idea of a lack of support for Obama among Hillary supporters.
Anticipation was high for her evening speech!

See the next blog for my reaction to Hillary's speech.

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