Delegate Profile: Sherry Holland

California has the most delegates, 441, out of any state in the country. Santa Barbara County is sending six delegates to the Democratic National Convention, four for Sen. Barack Obama and two for Sen. Hillary Clinton. Here is a chance to meet one of those delegates, Sherry Holland, who is so excited about the prospect of Obama becoming president that she's already bought airplane tickets to the January 2009 Presidential Inuaguration.

Name: Sherry Holland

Age: 41

Family: divorced. She's been a Big Sister to the same boy ("He's like my son) since he was five. He's now 19 and starting college.

Residence: On the mesa in Santa Barbara

Occupation: currently executive assistant for an office in Montecito. She also does MBA consulting work.

Years in California: Three years in Santa Barbara. She was born in Maryland and raised in Palo Alto.

Delegate for: Obama

First political vote: "Whenever I was 18. I've never really been involved beyond going to the polls and voting Democratic until Sen. Obama. I've never been involved, never been inspired. I've never put a bumper sticker on my car and I did for Obama."

Leader you most admire: Currently Sen. Obama. I think that he's really inspiring and passionate and inspires passion and enthusiasm from Americans. He's been compared to JFK. My mom and dad entered civil service because of JFK. It's my turn to have that inspiration."

Is this your first time as a national delegate? "Absolutely. I'm shocked and stunned and thrilled."

Why did you want to become a delegate? "After having given so much of my time and energy locally I wanted to be involved at another level. I didn't expect to win, we had so many dedicated people and so many candidates. People had done more work than I had. But family and friends came out. I've always wanted to meet him or see him up close and person. How amazing to be able to go in person and experience politics at the highest level. I still can't believe I'm going."

Have you been to a Convention before? "Never."

What are you most looking forward to at the Convention? "Certainly his acceptance speech. His speech at the 2004 convention got me excited. That really inspired me. I was truly saying it that evening, 'Who is this Obama guy?" following his speech. I said he's going to be president one day. I swear I said that."

Dream ticket: I honestly wanted (John) Edwards before, but with his scandal recently, he's certainly not a candidate now. I really like Bill Richardson. But anybody with him is going to be great."

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