Outstanding Speeches Make Wednesday the Best Night of the DNC yet

Pre-Convention Speakers
Once again, my day began with speakers coming to talk to our JSA group.Peter Fenn, president of Fenn Communications (a political and public affairs media firm), and Joel Benenson, Obama's pollster, both provided insightful glimpses into politics and the 2008 campaign in particular. Then, the Governor of West Virginia, Joe Manchin III, gave a speech in which he placed lots of responsibility on youth, stating that "the next generation [would] decide the future of the United States." Lastly, two State House Representatives, Mark Strama from Texas and Andrew Romanoff from Colorado, gave enjoyable, energetic speeches about the importance of youth voting and the characteristics of state politics.

At The Convention
I got into the Convention on Wednesday thanks to the generosity of Santa Barbara Delegate Tim Allison, who was able to procure a Hall Pass for me. Unfortunately, I missed the roll call and Hillary stopping the vote in the middle, so I will not be able to comment on that. However, I WAS present for the several phenomenal speeches that followed. In his speech, Bill Clinton did exactly what he needed to do to continue the unifying process within the Democratic Party. In sharp contrast to his backhanded compliments and half-hearted support of Obama in the last few weeks, Clinton unwaveringly gave his full support to Obama, a necessary and very important step forwards for the Democrats. Then, Senator John Kerry spoke cleverly and strongly about McCain's flip-flopping and Obama's tremendous leadership. Later in the night, Bo Biden characterized his father as a family man and hero, while Joe Biden, in his vice-presidential acceptance speech, focused on the many wonderful attributes of Barack Obama. To close out the night, Obama made a surprise entrance and returned the compliments to Biden. As soon as Obama appeared, the Pepsi Center turned ecstatic, giving a glimpse into the level of excitement that will be present during his speech on Thursday. With the four phenomenal speeches from Bill, John, Bo, and Joe, and the unexpected cameos for both Hillary and Barack, Wednesday, August 27, 2008 was truly a night to remember.

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