Barack's Nomination

If you wondered how the vote happened on Wednesday night and were confused by watching the TV, you were not alone. The delegates were also unclear how it was all going to proceed. On Wednesday morning when we came to the California breakfast, we were asked to cast our vote. We were given a piece of paper to sign with 2 names on it and were told this would be our one chance to cast a vote. Since we had been previously informed that there would be separate roll call votes for Hillary and Barack this caused great confusion among many of the delegates.

As the day proceeded, Hillary released her delegates but didn't direct them to vote only for Barack. When we arrived at the convention hall many of the delegations were still rounding up their members in order to complete the sign-ups. At 3pm, the roll call began. As we went from state to state (in alphabetical order), the delegations announced their tallies. Both Hillary and Barack were receiving votes. When it came to California, our state passed. Strange, as Hillary won California and had strong delegate support. On to the other states, with Illinois passing also. The strategy was becoming clearer. It was New York's turn.

Suddenly, Hillary appeared. (This is unusual because candidates typically don't appear on the floor of the convention.) She took the mike and moved that the chair suspend the rules and vote for Barack by affirmation. Nancy Pelosi asked for a second and the delegates rose up and roared in response. Nancy asked for the ayes then the nays- without time for a response she gaveled the vote to completion. It was done. Barack had received the Democratic nomination for president.

Certainly, history will record this as unique in convention nomination procedures. But if you are wondering whether I got to vote for Hillary, the answer is yes. During the morning sign up, I proudly cast my vote for her. And yes, when Hillary asked for a vote for Barack by affirmation, I was part of the crowd that said aye. I guess you could say I cast 2 votes for the Democratic candidate for president- one each.

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