Bill and Joe's Night

Wednesday was a not so typical day at the convention. It began with the California breakfast and Barbara Boxer speaking to the crowd. Again, the rallying call- elect Barack and defeat John McCain. On to a NDN discussion of a "Better Tomorrow." We heard presentations
on our responsibility to help end global poverty (Rep. Adam Smith), women's health (Cecile Richards), economic globalization (Rob Shapiro), ensuring internet access to the poor (Rey Ramsey), and the role of the media (Arianna Huffington).

At 1:30, Hillary spoke to her delegates and thanked them all for their support. Once again, a room full of thousands. The crowd was enthusiastic. She repeated her support for Barack and encouraged us to do the same. She released us from supporting her but did not say we had to vote for him. It was up to us; especially, if we felt we had to represent people who had voted for us. That was my feeling. I had been asked that question at home- would I stay with Hillary and my answer had been yes. More on the floor vote later.

On to the evening session. Bil Clinton took center stage. Despite the other amazing speeches earlier in the week, he is the pro. Anyone watching on TV last night saw how the crowd adored him. He is still the most popular of Democratic figures despite his personal failings. But last night he had a job to do and he scored. His choice was Barack and although he had been slow to get on board, he came out in true Clintonian style. He is adept at the turn of phrase and spoke eloquently reflecting on the past but emphasizing that America can do better. There were several memorable comments. He reminded us how the world views America and that "the power of an example is important, not the example of power." He added that "Barack is on the right side of history and that his job is to rebuild the American dream." He concluded by connecting directly to Barack with a word they both have emphasized: hope. "America must always be a place for hope." It was masterful.

After a moving introduction by his son, Joe Biden had his turn at the podium. He spoke emotionally about his roots and honored his mother who was in the audience. He attacked McCain in a preview of the general election campaign. The evening ended with Barack surprising the crowd and joining Biden on stage. Surrounded by a large Biden clan it was a picture perfect finish!

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