DNC 2008: Moments to Remember

It was quite a convention. Below are some highlights of the week and some that I did not get to write about.

Sunday night dinner at Rioja owned by Jennifer Jasinski who was raised in Santa Barbara. It was a planned gathering of all Obama and Hillary delegates, from Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, and a chance to get to know one another. The food was terrific.

All the incredible speeches: Michelle, Teddy, Hillary, Bill, Joe, Al and Barack. Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Governor Schweitzer from Montana were also knock-outs.

The faces of diversity everywhere in the convention facilities. We Dems. truly represent the face of America.

Ace reporter Allan Ghitterman watching Bill Clinton watching Hillary speak. He snapped a picture of the president from an adjoining sky box.

Me, trying to balance being a first-time blogger and a convention delegate. It worked most times......and I learned a lot. And so many bloggers they even had their own tent.

The terrific City of Denver. It has various transportation systems, the lively 16th St. mall with free shuttles, many fine restaurants and art museums, downtown loft housing- a great example of creative urban planning.

Lunching with Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper. He was seen everywhere during the convention week. A business man who ran for office, he is highly thought of and is a cheer leader for his city. His team of convention volunteers were always smiling and always helpful. They were on most street corners and venues.

The first green convention. Efforts at sustainability were evident everywhere in the city. Most successful were the 1,000 bikes that were available free to the convention visitors. They were used constantly.

Hillary hosting a thank you party for her delegates and thousands of supporters. She said her campaign had been a "joy."

The Emily's List motto: "Women Vote, Women Win." Music to my ears.

Watching Democrats work hard.

Listening to policy debates.

The new media and technology- in use everywhere particularly by the Obama team. Cell phones are the latest form of campaigning and gathering data.

All the parties and musical events- Democrats know how to celebrate.

Seeing old friends.

Casting my vote!

Dinner at midnight at The Brown Palace after Barack's nomination with co-delegate Rob and Judy.

Going to the airport to head home to Santa Barbara and discussing McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his veep with Paul Begala and Dan Rather.

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