Are You Ready to Party?

For many, elections stop at casting your vote. But for those more involved, campaigns that last months, if not years, always culminate in a big bash, whether you win or lose. This November 4, there are plenty of places to party with your winning friends, or drink in sorrow with those who lost. Here's what we know:

Democrats Party: Stateside, 1114 State Street, 564-1000,

Republicans Party: County GOP Headquarters, 3887 State Street (RSVP requested), 268-5952,

Women for McCain: El Paseo, 10 El Paseo, 962-6050

Doreen Farr for 3rd District: Hollister Brewing Company, 6950 Marketplace Dr., Goleta, 968-2810

Steve Pappas for 3rd District : his house in Los Olivos

GOLETA CITY COUNCIL: Margaret Connell and Ed Easton: Pepe's, 254 Orange Ave., 967-0313

GOLETA CITY COUNCIL: Don Gilman: 5650 Calle Real, Goleta, 964-6241

Measure A: Downtown Brewing Company: 3744 State St., 682-7803

No on Proposition 8: Jill's Place, 632 Santa Barbara St. , 963-0378

Celebration Party: SOhO, 1222 State Street, 962-7776

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