Prop 8 Cash Race

While millions are excited and anxious today about the presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain, millions more are also worried about what California will vote on Proposition 8, which seeks to change California's constitution to outlaw gay marriage. On one side, conservatives and many religious leaders are trying to reverse a state Supreme Court decision that allowed such unions to occur. On the other side is the state's large gay population, their supporters, and those who believe that full equality should be granted to all, which is why many have taken to calling the measure "Prop Hate."

So it's shouldn't be much of a surprise that, by election day 2008, Prop 8 supporters and opponents have raised more than $74 million in the campaign, making it the most expensive state social measure in American history. The prop's proponents have raised $38 million, just $2 million more than the opponents.

So what's the money done? According to one Field Poll from last week, 49 percent of Californians are against the measure, 44 percent are in favor of banning gay marriage, and seven percent are undecided. With those numbers, it's still a toss-up.

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