Top Three Water Board Candidates Announced

Harry DeWitt, who served as a member of the Goleta Water District's Board of Directors for 13 years after serving as an employee of the District for 30, has been unseated by two new candidates and one who has been around before. Lauren Hanson, a businesswoman and Goleta Valley activist who has been attending Board meetings for a couple of years, took first place in the race, followed closely by New York native and experienced local government lawyer Bill Rosen. Having already served on the board from 1991 until 2004, Larry Mills took third, followed by local attorney James Marino and, finally, DeWitt.

Water has always been a contentious issue in Goleta, but the candidates who will fill the open seats have all pledged to bring a level of professionalism to the board that many feel has been lost over the past several years. From Hanson and Rosen's collaboration creating the Ten Principles of Governance for the Goleta Water District to Mill's proven track record on the Board, voters seemed to feel confident in their assertions.

Unfortunately, Water Board candidates proved elusive in the rat race of election night parties. Wanting to get a few comments, I managed to catch a glimpse of Hanson while speaking with other candidates and officials at Connell and Easton's party, but I never had a chance to hear her remarks. There were reports that Rosen was at a few of the crazier parties downtown. A brief phone conversation with Mills yesterday revealed that he would be spending the evening at home, and would check results in the morning.

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