Dance at the Festival

Organic is a word used by dancers and observers who participate in the creation and execution of Robin Bisio's multimedia choreography work. Images of nature feature as both backdrop and muse within the architecture of movement and the space on a screen. The breath is a character, a dancer, and a choreographic move, adding another element of depth and breadth to the multimedia nature of her work.

Bisio's work is rapidly becoming an annual fixture embedded in the festival schedule, and one that is highly anticipated and well-attended. Medusa was this year's offering. It took place Saturday night within the just-off-lower State Street studio space of Yoga Soup.
For two hours, the dancers alternated, repeating their appearances in rotation for the entire two hours of the installation. Some audience members took their turns on the floor, on folding chairs, while others remained transfixed, even when a dancer's arm, or leg, or breath came within an eyelash distance of their perch. Cybil Gilbertson, Leila Drake, Dorrie Tames Powell, Nicole Helton, and Melissa Ullom swayed, undulated, leapt, cavorted, cartwheeled, while musicians Jim Connolly, Amelia Nuding, and Charlie Roberts created a fitting ambiance to suit the aquatic mood. Wesley Smith's live video feed played on one wall, engaging dancers in eclectic architectural shapes, like undersea creatures themselves. On another wall, the film Medusa, with its underwater aesthetic , created a dreamy backdrop.

At the end? It could have gone on all night, audience members and dancers costumed reminiscent of the jellyfish in the film, shared cupcakes and stood around talking, not wanting the underwater spell to be broken.

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