Single showing of The Brothers Warner

Also, The Brothers Warner, which was scheduled Thursday but not shown, will play at 6:30pm in the Victoria Hall Theater.

From the synopsis, written by Mahil Senathirajah:

At the no-rules dawn of American film, four Jewish immigrant brothers from Poland made their mark on motion picture history. Jack, Harry, Albert and Sam, through the type of vision and audacity that creates industries from ideas, formed the most enduring studio in Hollywood.Lovingly crafted by Harry's granddaughter Cass and using fascinating archival and personal footage, The Brothers Warner moves from the silent era and first talkie (The Jazz Singer) through the Golden Age of Hollywood. During this period the studio maintained a courageous philosophy of using film to "educate, entertain and enlighten," addressing pressing social justice issues of the day. Ultimately, however, The Brothers Warner is a family drama of operatic sweep, with an untimely death and vicious sibling rivalry, set against the backdrop of American film history. With commentary from Dennis Hopper, Haskell Wexler and others.

Following the film there will be a Q & A with producer Cass Warner, and Oscar winning editor, Kate Amend.

According to Warner: "I'd also like to invite anyone to join us for an after-party, supporting artists, Doctors Without Borders, and the Tea Fire folks.
(There is no fee to get in.) It's at: 322 State St. from 9-11pm."

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