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Former Indy film critic (and book group veteran) Amy Ramos reviews movies based on your book club's favorite selections (or perhaps its less beloved choices). Is the ending still ambiguous? Do the romantic leads have any chemistry? Find out at Flick Lit.

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Train Wreck on the Mommy Track

The film version of I Don’t Know How She Does It is a virtually unrecognizable adaptation of the novel, with lackluster plotting, superficial characters, and a Pollyanna ending.

Two Lives, One Day

One Day is a pleasant and bittersweet diversion, but plays it safe, losing some of the book’s edginess as well as its humor.

Requiem in a Minor Key

The historical narrative in Sarah’s Key has some powerful moments, but the film’s contemporary story line lacks emotional resonance.

Domesticated Drama

The Help is moving and funny but aims for a strictly feel-good vibe instead of striving for nuance or hinting at danger.

No Secret Fan Club

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan adds a modern-day story line to the historical novel’s tale of a doomed friendship, but the film is slow-paced and emotionally flat.

Reality TV: Global Economic Collapse Edition

In case the 2008 financial crisis wasn’t dramatic enough for you, HBO has turned Andrew Ross Sorkin’s monumental tome Too Big to Fail into a movie. Downside: in this version, your house still loses value. Upside: watching William Hurt and Billy Crudup try to save the day.

Abstinence Lonely Education

The story of an alcoholic whose life is unraveling, Everything Must Go offers no false hope for its flawed protagonist, but clearly wants the viewer to root for him.

Nothing Bold, Nothing New, Boyfriend Stolen, Best Friend Blues

Something Borrowed delivers a few laughs but sticks to all the standard romantic-comedy tropes.

Circus Minimus

The screen version of Sara Gruen's bestselling novel Water for Elephants changes details large and small, losing the book's most appealing features along the way.

Eyre on the Side of Caution

This latest film adaptation of the classic Charlotte Bronte tale is faithful in most of its details but lacks the soul of the novel that has captivated so many readers.

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