Smoggy Beijing

Walking in downtown Beijing, I'm not sure where-somewhere near Dongzhimen-we passed a row of small shops and out of each one the girls inside yelled "Hallo!" or "Neehao!" inviting us in for sex.

"Watch out for those," a guy told me, "Very expensive, when the places have pink lights, they will be very expensive."

We kept walking toward an expat bar where they are hospitable to foreigners.

"The Den is a good place," he told me, "Local places don't care about us."
Inside we went, sat down and left but came back later. Near midnight, the Brits left (and there were many of them) and the only people in the bar besides us and the staff were three cute Chinese girls.

"They are hookers," he said, "Look at them!"

They stared at us from across the bar and smiled, laughed, and looked away, but they always watched us. Another one was much more forward.

"I am a shoe maker," she told my friend, walking to our table, "I made your shoes!"

"She is too," he told me. He asked her name, and she told us it was Julia. We left without them. "It's a business here," I was told, "And it's available all over Asia. Monogamy is a joke."

I don't know if this is true.

"If you are a one woman man I think that's great and I hope you love whoever you love forever, but not everyone thinks that way, and here you'll see that."

Love and sex are wonderful. Everyone chases after them, denying that they will be hurt by anxiety, jealousy, and the ugliest ideas and worst pains imaginable because with love comes the greatest beauty. China is startling. I avoided the hookers because I have an extreme fear of disease and I like to be romanced a bit. Pictures coming soon, if I take them!

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