Have Love, Will Travel

11 countries, 6 months, and 1 back pack. Santa Barbara native and Independent intern Roozbeh Kaboli leaves his sleepy beach community behind in order to explore the cultural wonders on offer in East Asia and the Indian subcontinent. With a list of interests as varied as the countries he plans to visit, Rooz will document his eclectic musings on topics ranging from food to globalization here on this blog.

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The World's Biggest Democracy

If you think American politics are complicated, try picturing a campaign season during which party front-runners make overt hate speeches against religious groups, a large percentage of candidates are either convicted felons or facing trial, election fraud is par for the course and the electorate numbers in the billions. This is India Votes 2009 and it isn't as bad as it sounds.

Magical Mewar

Every Spring, the city of Udaipur plays host to a spectacle of brilliantly colored saris and clattering bangles as the women of this Rajasthani city celebrate divine love.

Dreaming of Incredible !ndia

Was I there, or was it all just a figment of my imagination?

Goodbye China: Let Me Remember You as You Are

As far as I remember, China does things differently, and for that it is staunchly unapologetic. It is greater than the sum of its parts, which include great food, kind people and a rich history.

Minorities on Parade

Yunnan province is home to one-third of China's ethnic minorities, but Han cultural encroachment and tourism have begun to water-down and commoditify minority cultures.

"Reflection; Beautifoo."

Despite Guangxi province's ever-present pollution problem, the limestone peaks and "small" town charm of Yangshuo fail to disappoint.

Have Love, Will Travel 2.0

I'm back and slightly more Sinofied.

Viiii-va Macau! The City of Qin...

Macau, SAR; February 14th-15th. Essa Cidade e Chinesa? Gambling and making friends in the former Portuguese colony.

Noodles, The Breakfast of Champions...

Hong Kong, SAR; February 12th-14th. Jet-lagged and hungry in the city that opium built.

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