It's Tuesday Night and We Have a New President

A father and son eye history in the making earlier today along the lawn in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

After too few hours of shuteye (read: less than 1), we were up and at 'em before the sun this morning. By 5 am, with a bone chilling wind whipping, we were on the streets towards the Inauguration. Despite the less than welcoming time of the day, the streets were all ready packed with thousands of hopeful attendees. While a full post on our experience should be up and running early tomorrow, we figured we'd drop you a few teasers to make sure you come back manana- not too mention that we are so burned out right now the idea of powering out a legitimate entry makes me want to cry a little.

In short, we made it into the National Mall by 11 am despite a ridiculous series of events and scored some pretty prime views from the edge of the reflective pool in front of the Capitol Building and witnessed history alongside an estimated crowd of 2 million like-minded Americans. While others, even those with real deal tickets such as ourselves, were not so lucky. Even so, the experience was mind-blowingly positive: People singing God Bless America at 6 am to stay warm,conga lines of happy voters young and old dancing on the Mall lawn, Aretha Franklin bringing down the house causing quite a few tears in the process, strangers hugging strangers and a mosaic patchwork of smiling faces as diverse as America itself stretching clear from the Capitol to the Washington Monument and for several blocks in every other direction.

Breathe deep the intoxicating air of hope and enjoy. America just got a little bit better.

This was the scene at 5 am along Independence Avenue leading towards the National Mall. The word chaos comes to mind.

Sign of the times along the National Mall

The back drop for Obama's first day on the job

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